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    University of Colorado graduate Lyndsi Magana, left, stands out of the crowd of graduates with her "hire me" sign on her graduation cap on Friday, Dec. 17, 2010, during the University of Colorado Fall Commencement Ceremony at the Coors Events Center on the CU campus in Boulder.


    The spring 2010 CU graduation scene is reflected in the sunglasses of this undergraduate.


    Max Barrett is a graduate and a king for a day at the spring 2010 CU commencement ceremony.


    Robert Craig and Brian Robertson, both members of the CU water polo team, run up to greet teammate Josh Zeldner before graduation at the spring 2009 CU graduation ceremony.


    University of Colorado architectural design graduate Amelia Kai Kupperberg, of Rhode Island, poses for a photo for her family on the Ralphie statue outside of Folsom Field after the 2008 spring commencement in Boulder Friday morning.



CU’s graduation (or commencement) comes but twice a year — spring and winter.

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While the spring CU commencement ceremony is much larger and traditionally held at scenic Folsom Field, there are a few unorthodox details mixed into a winter CU graduation that set it apart from spring commencement, including garland and poinsettias instead of spring bouquets, and graduates might even be able to pick their parents out of the smaller crowd to get in a quick wave.

The University of Colorado intends to increase its six-year graduation rate from 68 percent to an all-time high of 71 percent over the next decade, according to its latest performance contract with the state’s higher education department.

Commencement is an exciting time for all grads. A few stories have popped out at us over the last few years, including international students at commencement, a CU graduate headed to Nepal to fight malnutrition and getting into Boulder for graduation is not easy, sometimes even because of a blizzard.

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The spring 2011 CU commencement ceremony will be held on Friday, May 6, at 8:30 a.m. at Folsom Field and can be streamed live.

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