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Random Rab
Random Rab

If you go

Who: Random Rab with the Infinidroid and Birds Of Prey

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.

Cost: $20-$23


It’s the last weekend of spring break, so the Fox is hosting two great shows. Be sure to catch Random Rab’s electronic grooves and the Hot Congress local music showcase.

Random Rab

Random Rab’s powerful sonic explorations are creating a buzz in the electro world.

The producer emerged out of the underground West Coast scene and he’s been dubbed “The Master of Emotion.” Yeah, this is the guy that plays the famed sunrise sets at Burning Man.

Saturday, Random Rab shows off his organic, eclectronic music at the Fox.

Random Rab had a very colorful music career before he produced electronic music. The artist fronted a heavy metal band, was a scratch DJ for a jazz project, sang with a Mexican band, toured as a classical trumpet player — and played bass in a country band.

“When I moved to the West Coast I got into an electronic duo,” Random Rab said. “When the act ended, I had all this gear and I started a solo project.

“I like electronic music, because I like the sense of being in control of every sound. You can sit back and be a conductor, and really focus on the whole song.”

Random Rab likes to generate emotive feelings via his electronic music, so he’s been dubbed “The Master of Emotion.”

“Music has kinds of different functions, but it really affects us on an emotional level,” Random Rab said. “I try to create an emotional state that makes people feel good. People appreciate that.

“From all outward appearances this music may seem downtempo, but people definitely come to the shows to dance.”

The producer throws a wide-range of genres into his mix and takes his listeners on a cinematic journey.

“I mix instrumental and vocal stuff. It’s all about creating an ecstatic experience,” Random Rab said. “I get into all kinds of musical genres and create a full-spectrum experience.

“This is music for the senses. I use downtempo, dubstep, tribal African and Arabic music — it’s all over the place. The music’s organic and I play all the tracks. To re-create it live, I use computers, controllers and live sampling.”

Random Rab was just added to Shpongle’s spring tour and he’s getting ready to release a dynamic new album.

That’s not all.

Random Rab has a special surprise for Boulder. The producer will introduce his eight-foot Infinidroid device and create some very cool optical illusions for the club.

Hot Congress Label Night at the Fox

Hot Congress is a Denver record label that features up-and-coming indie bands.

Friday, the label hosts a Fox showcase featuring Achille Lauro, The Don’ts & Be Carefuls, Hindershot and Lil’ Slugger.

Matthew Case is the singer/guitarist for Achille Lauro and he’s psyched to have these bands rock Boulder.

“Our band has really good chemistry,” Case said. “We work well together and we’re loving working to develop our sound. When we started we were playing progressive prog rock with complex arrangements and jazz.

“We simplified it since then, now we play more danceable pop with the jazz. We’re a pop band, but we’re not The Monkees. We have a lot of attitude, edge and electronics.”

Denver’s a close-knit music town, so bands have to stand out from the pack.

“We’ve never been able to create one cohesive sound,” Case said. “Every song we create sounds different from each other. We continually get better with each song.”

Achille Lauro took a short hiatus, but the band’s back and ready for action.

“We took some time off to write new material,” Case said. “We’re looking forward to releasing new songs through the summer.

“We might release the new songs on-line or we might release them on cassette tapes. That sounds intriguing. We’re bored with the CD aspect and we’ve already done vinyl — it’s really expensive to make.”

For now, Achille Lauro’s ready to play the Hot Congress showcase.

“The idea is to increase these bands visibility on the local scene,” Case said. “There are some really good bands on our roster and this will be a great show.

“We’re going to play one or two new songs, and we’ll play a lot of songs from our upcoming releases.”

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