THIS WEEKEND IN DENVER: Rams vs. Buffs, comedy style

The Rams suck.

Let’s kick their asses!

Figuratively, Buffs. We’re pacifists, not scrappers. (Most of us.)

Anyway, tonight the Bovine Metropolis Theater, 1527 Champa St., Denver, is hosting the CSU vs. CU Rocky Mountain Improv Throwdown.

For a third year in a row, the Bovine is gathering alumni from Colorado State University and the University of Colorado to crank out their best improv.

As Buffs, the quick-paced comedy comes natural to us. Kind of like our professional drinking abilities.

Anyway, since the audience decides who wins, let’s infiltrate that joint with black and gold. Go Buffs!

Info: 7:30 tonight; 303-758-4722; $10-$12


Snuggies are like fanny packs.*

They’re ugly — like those naked dancing aliens on the lawn of the Colorado Convention Center — alas as practical as a Saturday-morning morphine drip.

Since summer just did a running sprint into spring, that Snuggie needs to be utilized before it retires to your closet of useless shit: cleaning supplies and deodorant.

Denver’s 3rd Annual Snuggie Pub Crawl will host a bunch of fuzzy jackasses on Saturday at Jackson’s, 1520 20th St., Denver.

There will be a costume contest with prizes for the most outrageous Snuggie, so be ridiculous.

Crawl proceeds will benefit Multiple Sclerosis Society and Big Brothers Big Sisters and the price includes free beer.

Whip out those sweatbands, there will be drinking games at each bar — flip cup, beer pong, corn hole. Time for some cardio.

*Nice try, hipsters. Stop bringing that shit back. Let it go.

Info: Saturday from 2:30-11 p.m.; 303-519-6475; $25-$30

Animation nation

I love the part in Broken Lizard’s 2001 “Super Troopers” when the cops are getting baked while watching “Afghanistanimation.”

I think I love it just because of the word “Afghanistanimation.”

(If you haven’t seen “Super Troopers,” you’re fired. If you have seen it and think the only funny part is the first five minutes with the stoner dudes, then you’re doubly fired.)

Anyway, animation! Who doesn’t like it? No? Go watch TLC.

Ever heard of Spike and Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation? The festival has been entertaining (and disgusting) people for 21 years.

Back in the day, Mike Judge, Matt Stone and Trey Parker contributed short films.

The lineup of the animated films will be shown at the Beauty Bar, 608 East 13th Ave., Denver on Friday and Saturday. Yes, hipsters, your fanny packs are more than welcome here.

Info: Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.; 720-542-8024; Free.

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