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Reality Bytes: Heidi Montag will work for food
Reality Bytes: Heidi Montag will work for food

Fresh news is always hitting reality TV, but this week Denver makes the spotlight.

Find out about Heidi Montag’s reality show, “X Factor’s” audition studio in Denver, Ryan Seacrest’s new reality TV title — and “Jersey Shore’s” Italian chaos.

Heidi Montag’s restaurant

Heidi Montag will do anything to be on reality TV. The celeb even tried to get on Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise and the network laughed her off.

Now the ditzy star’s getting her wish.

Montag’s joining fellow reality stars Jake Pavelka (“The Bachelor”) and Danielle Staub (“Real Housewives of New Jersey”) for a brand new VH1 program. The show’s still unnamed and one more reality alum will be added to the roster.

These characters will attempt to open a restaurant in 28 days — while the cameras are rolling. The reality pros aren’t brainiacs, but they are egomaniacs and that’s gonna sell this show.

Are you weird enough for ‘X Factor?’

Simon Cowell likes to stir things up, so the reality star’s bringing a new kind of “X Factor” audition to Denver.

“X Factor’s” hosting live talent contests in select cities, but now Cowell’s setting up high-definition audition studios around the country.

Denver made the cut and auditions will be held April 16-30 at Colorado Mills in Lakewood. Sounds like an odd location, but singers will be able to record “X Factor” auditions there.

Here’s the deal, Cowell’s looking for really unusual talent. The “X Factor” host says, “The wackier the better.”

If you can go one better than Lady Gaga, this is the audition for you.

Ryan Seacrest — king of reality TV

Ryan Seacrest was just voted “Reality TV’s Most Powerful Person” by the Hollywood Reporter. That’s a scary thought.

Seacrest even beat out his former “American Idol” co-star/rival Cowell for the title.

Believe it or not, Seacrest’s produced several reality shows. He’s the guy responsible for putting the Kardashian family and Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards on the map.

Let’s give him a Bronx cheer for those feats.

‘Jersey Shore’ trouble

Mama Mia, there’s trouble brewing in “Jersey Shore” world.

Yes, filming for “Jersey Shore” Italy” has been delayed. That’s ’cause Italian nightclubs and hotels are having second thoughts about the cast visiting their establishments.

What else is new?

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