If you go

Who: The Shpongletron Experience with Random Rab

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St.

Cost: $43


Are you ready for the Shpongletron Experience?

British electro music pioneer Simon Posford has a knack for creating sonically charged concerts. Now he’s raising the bar and bringing the electrifying Shpongletron Experience to Boulder.

Saturday, Posford’s Shpongle project hosts an elaborate multimedia show at the Boulder Theater. We’re talking about the Sphongletron 18-foot pyramid structure, a six-foot Shpongle mask, multiple video screens, dancers — and a live DJ set.

“I’ve stepped up the music and visual level,” Posford said. “This will be different than watching a band. I’m stepping up the DJing and making it more challenging.”

Posford is a very busy DJ/producer and he’s always developing innovative projects. The producer tours with Shpongle, but he’s also part of the Younger Brother musical collaboration.

Younger Brother is a live electro act and the outfit just released the atmospheric new CD, Vaccine. The record features Posford, Benji Vaughan and Ruu Campbell, plus guest artists Marc Brownstein (Disco Biscuits), Tom Hamilton and Joe Russo.

“My direction now is to dabble in a bit of everything,” Posford said. “I just keep moving with what keeps me interested.”

Younger Brother just finished a mini-tour of the US, so Posford’s focusing all his energy on the Sphongletron Experience. The event’s creating a buzz in the electronic music world, and its booked to play Electric Forest and Wakarusa.

Now Posford’s ready to give Boulder a taste of this innovative music party.

“I’m playing inside this giant structure — it’s this 18-foot pyramid with wings,” Posford said. “The mask in front makes the show really 3D. Lights move with projectors, and it gives the impression that the mask’s moving, winking and dancing.

“The light show is all done with projectors. It’s a super-psychedelic, crazy DJ show. It’s visually and sonically amazing. There’s an element of risk and excitement.”

There are a few extra perks for the Boulder show. Posford will showcase the new Shpongle EP, The God Particle, and up-and-coming electro star Random Rab opens the show.

This is one electro experience you’ll want to see from beginning to end.

Chris Lake

There’s an invasion of UK producers hitting Colorado this weekend — and that’s a very good thing.

Chris Lake is a DJ/producer and his electronic music tracks have created a worldwide buzz. The techno wiz is known for creating deep and dark dance tracks.

Saturday, Lake shows off his electronic music skills at BETA in Denver. The club’s quickly becoming the choice concert venue for electro acts, and Skrillex and The Crystal Method recently played there.

Every producer finds his own electronic music niche, and Lake has developed a signature sound.

“I’ve got my own sound that’s quite funky and groovy,” Lake said. “And I’m never scared to throw in a good vocal. I cross so many boundaries and styles.”

Lake’s in the midst of his “Play Pause Record” tour of North America. The producer’s traveling to support his new single “Secrets in the Dark.”

As a special tour perk, fans can purchase a USB stick and take home the musical experience.

“It’s amazing,” Lake said. “I can finish a show, and in a few minutes you can get the entire set and extra content. It’s a really novel concept.”

Lake’s already planning his BETA show. A growing number of producers say they prefer playing clubs instead of traditional concert venues, so you know this DJ’s going to be in his element.

“The Denver show’s going to be absolutely smashing,” Lake said. “I love the club and this is a fantastic spot.

“I’ll have fun playing all the new stuff and some unreleased music. We’ll see how it goes down.”

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