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University of Colorado students are often asked to defend their class projects, provide explanations and stand up for their work.

Graduating senior Erin Masket is taking her defense one step further than most.

At the Architecture and Planning ceremony Thursday, Masket will be dressed in a handmade, fully recyclable dress which was made during her green technology class this spring.

“I’m really nervous,” Masket said. “I think I’m going to have to bring a second outfit — just in case.”

From the corset top to the balloon skirt, the entire dress is made from paper which was purchased from Boulder’s Two Hands Paperie, 803 Pearl St.

The foundation of the dress is crafted from stiff green printed paper and is covered by a top layer of thin yellow paper, which Masket adorned with lace-like texture with a laser cutter.

Julee Herdt, professor of architecture at CU, said she wanted to push Masket this semester by challenging her to make a wearable garment.

“That’s the real test — if you’re willing to wear your design,” Herdt said. “There’s a lot of risk in doing that, especially at graduation.”

Masket said she will be decked out in paper accessories from head to ankle, including a bow on the back of the dress, a hat inspired by the royal wedding and a laser-cut necklace. She’s wearing her roommate’s grandmother’s shoes, in keeping with the reusable theme.

“I didn’t think paper shoes was a good idea,” Masket said.

Masket will enjoy her graduation in standing position from the back of the room.

“I can’t sit at all,” she said. “It’s definitely going to be a challenge wearing this, but I’m so proud of it and I think it’s going to be so much fun.”

Masket said she doesn’t think the dress will be wearable more than once, and even though it was designed with recycling in mind, Masket is hoping to reuse most of its parts to make something she can continue to cherish.

“I’m thinking maybe a lamp shade or something,” Masket said.