Of Montreal

If you go

Who: Of Montreal with Painted Palms

When: 8 p.m. Sunday

Where: Bluebird Theater, 3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

Cost: $18-$22.

www. bluebirdtheater.net

The summer music season’s right around the corner, so it’s time to put away the books, step away from the computer and have some concert fun.

That means checking out weekend shows with the outrageous Of Montreal, and the electro-buzzed Love and Light.

Of Montreal

Of Montreal prides itself on being a quirky, original band.

The indie pop outfit loves to mix up musical genres and create outrageous stage shows. Wearing wrestling gear, spanking pigs on stage and musicians performing with little or no clothing are on this band’s concert to-do list.

Of Montreal has some special stuff planned for Sunday’s show at the Bluebird, but the band’s keeping mum about the surprises.

“We’re just constantly changing things up and making things different,” bassist Davey Pierce said. “We do a lot of theatrics, take on different roles and mix it up to have fun on stage.”

Of Montreal also likes to change up its musical direction. The band has cranked out everything from indie pop to funk sounds, so every genre is fair game.

“We’re an indie pop band, but now we’re doing some R&B glam funk,” Pierce said. “For the R&B glam funk we’re using lots of weird instruments and strange time signatures. There can be 20 different grooves in a song!”

Of Montreal’s now touring behind its 2010 CD, False Priest, and the new EP, thecontrollersphere.

The EP takes some of the darker outtakes from False Priest and presents them in a new light.

False Priest was a very experimental record,” Pierce said. “It definitely has a lot more of the glam, funk stuff. There are a lot of bouncy lines, and it was influenced by Parliament and Stevie Wonder.

“The new EP has a lot of material that didn’t fit on False Priest. “This record has a lot more noise; it’s dirtier and noisier. I really like the stuff and it’s fun to play the noisy parts live.”

Of Montreal likes to step beyond the music and create full-blown stage shows. That’s why the band added special scenarios for its spring tour.

“We have a lot of wrestling integrated into the show,” Pierce confirmed. “We write these plays that go along with the songs. The show’s pretty amazing to watch

“We don’t want to give too much away, but the show will be fun. We’ll be playing a wider number of songs that people want to hear.”

Love and Light

Producers Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson want to make people happy with their electronic music mixes.

That’s why the duo creates uplifting beats that feature complex chord structures and “funky, chunky bass lines.”

The producers joined forces to create Love and Light, and the electronic music party is taking off. Tonight, the new act brings its dance mix to the Fox.

“Ryan and I have been friends for eight years and we got into the same scene,” Madonna said. “We saw the impact DJs could make and knew this is what we wanted to do.

“Before that we were individual artists. We just started Love and light about a year ago.”

Both producers wanted to leave club goers with a “happy vibe,” so they developed electronic music with intention.

“We put our music in the new category called underground electronic music,” Madonna said. “Bass music is the main genre. We play mostly mid-tempo music and we dabble in dubstep.

“The music’s bouncy, funky and happy. It’s upbeat and positive — and super for dancing. It has funky, chunky bass and you can’t beat that.”

Madonna says Love and Light music is “happy” electronic music and has the ability to inspire crowds.

“We have people coming up all the time. They say how they had a troubling day and our music made them feel good,” Madonna said. “After the first time that happened, it really hit home. This music makes you feel good.”

A lot of fans agree with Love and Light’s philosophy.

Love and Light’s career is snowballing, and the duo’s a hot commodity on the club and festival circuit.

“Things haven’t stopped for us,” Madonna said. “We did a lot of hard work and networking, and that keeps the ball rolling.

“We’re also learning new stuff about music every day. That’s challenging us to produce music — even when we’re on the road. We just want to reach more people, and get the vibe and message out there.”

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