This story originally said the GoLite sale was at the company’s warehouse in Gunbarrel. It should have identified the location of the sale as 3850 Frontier St., between 30th and Foothills on Pearl Street.

This weekend’s Ticklist should start with a piece of advice:

Avoid the flash mob of CU graduation this morning.

Unless you’re graduating, of course. Or like flash mobs.

To the graduates, congrats! I commend anyone who manages to graduate from college in Boulder (that goes to you, too, Naropa). I couldn’t have done it. I would’ve been way too distracted by the outdoors.

Excuse me while I go climb for a while…

And, back. Hmm. Maybe on the seven-year plan?

If you’re not going to a graduation party tonight, or out to dinner with the ‘rents (hope you made your reservations at Salt your freshman year, before they opened), you might be looking for a party. Since it’s First Friday , you can find one downtown easily enough.

Or you can chillax in your Crazy Creek chair with a cold one while you watch “23 Feet,” a film that will be projected onto the side of the 23-foot long Airstream trailer it was filmed from, parked in front of the Boulder Rock Club .

“23 Feet” is about living on the road, or wherever you like, but out of your van, or school bus, or Airstream. A friend of mine hosted a pre-screening for the filmmakers the other night, and everything went smoothly — the movie screen the girls pulled down off the Airstream’s awning works just fine and adds a kitsch value that heightened my enjoyment of the film.

I recommend bringing a chair for the viewing, a jacket — they can’t show the film until it’s dark enough — and of course, your own cup for the free beer.

Go, but no flash mobs, please, this is a civilized Airstream event.

Info: 8 p.m. Friday, 2829 Mapleton Ave., free.;

Friday at the track

Another way to avoid the party on Pearl — first Friday at Boulder Indoor Cycling means it’s time for track racing.

With people. On bikes. And beer. Not for the racers.

Why did I have to explain all of that?

Five bucks gets you in and gets you beer, provided by Oskar Blues. Doors open at 7 p.m.; exhibition racing (with a bunch of uber-fast local trackies) starts at 7:30.


For reals, get out

Wait a second here. I just told you something to do inside. And I was about to tell you about another: the GoLite warehouse sale , which starts Saturday and goes through next weekend at 3850 Frontier St., between 30th and Foothills on Pearl Street.

But this, this , good people, is the weekend we’ve all been waiting for. No more of that gorgeous-during-the-week, lousy-on-the-weekend mindgame nonsense that Mother Nature has been playing. No climbing indoors, or bundling up for a bike ride and hoping against rain this weekend.

Here’s the forecast: Saturday, sunny, high 77; Sunday, mostly sunny, high 76.


For the love of Pete, that’s a glorious forecast compared to what we’ve had lately. This is a weekend to go outside.

Pete: Hi. 😉

You: Why are you even reading this? Go! Go make plans, text friends, get your gear together, whatever.

Flash mob the outdoors!


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