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I love making up words — verbing them, combining them, or even combining languages, like when I started speaking Frenglish in the Alps.

“Bonjour! Avez-voux ice axes?”

(Those are piolets , FYI, merci.)

I’m lucky a French guide didn’t push me into a crevasse. While smoking a cigarette.

The guide smoking, not me. I only smoke — never mind. This all makes me veux some pain aux cereales. With that nectar of the Euro-gods, Nutella.

So my Boulder-Frenglish soul got a little giddy when I saw that the Prana store is hosting a Boulder Slacro Party on Friday night with the Yoga Slackers.

Slacro = slacklining plus acro yoga.

Side note: Climbers turned slacklining into a popular rest-day activity, but when did we embrace acro yoga? When yogis started teaching it at Movement? If you know the etiology, please drop me a line.

This all makes me veux some air time, either perched atop somebody’s dirty feet yoga-style, or perched atop a slackline.


Info: 6 to 8 p.m. Friday.;

Uni Hill Crit-tastic

This weekend is kind of biketastic in Boulder.

(Adding –tastic = great way to make new words.)

One of the biketastic things about this weekend is the return of the Uni Hill Criterium .

Organizers tell me they’re happy to have this race return after a seven-year absence, and that they’re glad to have a race on the Hill, where the people are, where stuff is happening.

I know it’s hard for organizers to close roads for bike races. And that thus it’s easier to put on a bike race in an office park.

But races in office parks are, frankly, quite lame.

If I want to catch some of the crazy cornering action at the Uni Hill Crit, I can do so on my way to the Sink for a drink.

There’s not much stuff happening in office parks. Trust me — I work in one now.

Oh! New food truck idea: crepes. Please park in front of our newsroom on Thursdays.

Je veux Nutella.

Info: Racing starts at 8 a.m. Sunday; men’s pro-1-2 race at 2 p.m.

Cappucino ride

This Sunday, as part of CycleFest weekend , Bacaro will host another ride and lunch for charity.

This month’s ride benefits the Colorado High School Cycling League, which started a series of mountain bike races for Colorado high school students last fall.

Start at 9 a.m. at Bacaro with cappucino and pastries, then ride, then return for a delish gourmet Italian lunch, menu by chef Fabio Flagiello.

How do you say “sorry” in Italian?

Because I’m sorry for dancing on your bar that one night. It won’t happen again.

I’ll understand if you’re forced to poison my pasta now.

Info: 9 a.m. Sunday, $75.

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