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Paul and Simon are back together for 'X Factor.'
Paul and Simon are back together for ‘X Factor.’

There’s lots of reality TV news, so let’s get rolling: Paul Abdul’s the new “X Factor” judge, Bristol Palin has a new reality show, “Jerseylicious” is back for season three — and its season finale time for two major shows.

Paula and Simon — together again

They’re back!

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell were reality TV’s dream team for the original “American Idol.”

Abdul played good cop to Cowell’s bad — OK, sometimes evil — cop. The judges knew how to work “AI” audiences, push each other’s buttons, and dish out just the right amount of ditziness and edge. Viewers tuned in every week to watch the spontaneous drama.

That’s why Cowell signed Abdul to be his new “X Factor” judge.

Cowell’s been keeping an eye on the reality talent competition and Abdul could be his trump card. Now that “The Voice” has broken into TV’s top ten, he’s probably a little nervous.

That means the “X Factor” judging table will feature Cowell, Abdul, L.A Reid and Cheryl Cole. To spice things up, the talent show will feature hosts Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls and Britain’s Steve Jones.

The “X Factor” debuts this fall on Fox.

Bristol Palin — new show and face

Bristol Palin can’t stay away from reality TV.

Palin created TV controversy during last season’s “Dancing with the Stars” finale. Thank politico mama Sarah for that.

Now the younger Palin’s resurfacing with a new reality show — and a new face.

For starters, the Bio channel ordered up a documentary series that follows Palin’s new life. The reality star moved from Alaska to LA with her son, and became roomies with former child stars Kyle and Christopher Massey.

That should be interesting.

To add to the drama, Palin’s showing up at celeb events with a brand new face. The reality star claims she needed corrective jaw surgery.

Really? It looks like she’s had more cosmetic surgery than Heidi Montag or Joan Rivers put together — and that’s scary.


One of reality TV’s best guilty pleasures is “Jerseylicious.”

These beauty shop glam queens make the “Jersey Shore” crew look tame with their foot tall hair-dos, spray on tans and “Joisey” attitude.

“Jerseylicious” just started its third season. If you want to check out outrageous fashion and crazed catfights, then tune in Sundays to the Style Network.


It’s finale week for two major reality shows, and time to see who’s fired, hired and who’s the best dancer.

Sunday, Donald Trump crowns the next “Celebrity Apprentice.” It’s been a pretty crazy season, but thankfully the host decided not to make an on-air presidential bid.

Tonight, “Dancing with the Stars” hosts its semi-finals.

Interestingly enough, the semi-finalists include Rebecca from “Cheers” (Kirstie Alley), the “Karate Kid” (Ralph Macchio), Disney star Chelsea Kane and football player Hines Ward.

Truth is stranger than fiction.