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Whoever invented second chances is a genius.

I always do better on the second go-round: second SAT, second date, second batch of pancakes. This weekend I get a second chance at horse races with the Preakness. Thank goodness for that, because I choose horses like I choose bottles of wine — based on their label and whether or not they’re refrigerated. And that has a pretty low success rate.

If you blew it on Kentucky Derby day, too, then take your very own second chance at the West End Tavern, 926 Pearl St., for their Preakness day specials this Saturday starting at 2 p.m. Once again, partake in crab races while you wait, dress to impress for their best-dressed/best hat competition and enjoy $5 Black Eyed Susans — the “official” cocktail of the Preakness.

For more information visit

Free comedy

Besides pizza, tequila and a few others, “free” may be the best word in the English language. I hear that word and my ears perk up no matter what the speaker may be referring to.

You just have to take advantage of freebies. Free puppies? Yes, please. Free sample of our newest flavor? Definitely. Free tickets? Always. Have some free this Saturday from 8-10 p.m. at the Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St., as they host T.J. Miller (of Cloverfield fame) as he films his first Comedy Central special.

You could be part of his live audience and maybe even the target of a hilarious joke! Get online to sign up for tickets before they disappear because, as we all well know, free doesn’t last forever.

Tickets available online at

Beer! And food.

You know those mornings you wake up and wonder where all your money went? And then slowly but surely shards and fragments of the previous night come back to you and you realize, aw shit, I know exactly where my money went.

Rounds of this, shots of that…generous to a financial fault. Give your wallet a break and head to BJ’s Restaurant, 1125 Pearl St., for a Sam Adams Beer Tasting & Dinner on Monday from 7-9 p.m. for — brace yourself — only $30.

Seven beers, five courses…I’m not lyin’ here, folks! Last night, thirty bucks only bought you and three or four friends one round of redheaded you-know-whats! Monday night you get an entire round plus food all to yourself and maybe you can convince your friends to treat you!

Call 303-402-9294 for details.


I’m not going to take the easy route and make the obvious joke about band Girls On Top! because I like to think I’m above that kind of humor (yeah right).

Instead, I invite you to join them Friday night from 5:30–9:30 p.m. at the Millennium Harvest House, 1345 28th St., for the season opener of its Friday Afternoon Club.

These ladies put on a fun show and you can’t help but want to dance. Food specials for $10 or less make it hard to say no.

More info at

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