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T he Trilogy triplets (Jill, Jessica and Jennifer Emich) just announced plans for their latest project — Shine.

The Emichs had a 10-year run operating downtown’s Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge. The venue was a favorite Boulder gathering place, but the sisters closed the club in 2009 to explore their options.

Shine’s plan focuses on the sisters opening a multi-use operation that would give Boulder a unique music, dining and community-based experience.

The sisters are still in the fundraising phase of the operation, but they’re focusing on a prime downtown location. To start things up, the women are hosting a June 11 pre-Shine party at the St. Julien Hotel.

“We decided to close Trilogy in 2009, while the party was still happening,” Jill Emich said. “We were ready for a change and to explore new facets of our lives.

“The three of us have continued to stick together through marriages, babies and what happens in life,” Jessica Emich added. “We feel like we’re an unstoppable team and Shine is a culmination of everything we’ve done.”

The triplets have a plan in mind, and they want Shine to foster music, good food, local events and a feeling of community.

“The whole concept of Shine is to be a gathering place,” Jill Emich said. “It’s a place where people can be who they are and have a sense of community. People want to connect — just look at Facebook.

The first Shine phase would feature live music, a restaurant and a movement studio.

“I have a masters in holistic nutrition, so there will be a nutritional bent to the restaurant,” Jessica Emich said. “You can still have a steak and glass of wine, but it will be clean eating. You will be able to get a great, decadent meal here.”

A live music stage will be located in the dining area and locals would supply most of the talent.

“We’re definitely going to be have lots of local musician and DJs,” Jill Emich said. “We’ll get some national acts as well, but we want this place to be very community focused.

“We’ll have singer-songwriters, DJ’s, world music and reggae. We’re looking at music that will compliment the restaurant and bar. Shine will be like your local watering hole.”

The venue would also host benefits, fashion shows and theatrical events.

Shine’s movement studio is also contained in phase one of the plan. The studio would host yoga lessons, dance classes and a variety of education programs.

“We’ve been doing yoga for years and it will be ideal to have all this under one roof,” Jill Emich said. “You can have an amazing experience in a class, but you might not see these people again.”

“At Shine, you can share a meal after class and keep that connection going. This concept’s been tried in other areas of the country and it’s very successful.”

The Emichs are hosting a special event to get Boulder ready for Shine.

“A Time to Shine” takes place at the St. Julien Hotel on June 11. The event will feature an evening of dancing, DJs, fashion and the Soul Sweat hip-hop dance class.

“This event will be a preview of what we’ll be doing at Shine,” Jill Emich said. “It will be our introduction, and it will support Shine, Boulder Valley Women’s Health and local up-and-coming businesses.

“It’s an exciting time to be doing this.”