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If you go

Who: Heyoka, R/D and ill-esha

When: 9 p.m. Thursday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.

Cost: $12-$15

www. foxtheatre.com

Get ready, ’cause the Fox is hosting a mini-electronic music fest on Thursday.

The triple-threat bill features Heyoka, R/D and ill-esha. Each act will show off its signature sounds for this eclectic showcase.

Ill-esha (Elysha Zaide) is setting the pace with her soulful blend of sounds and vocals. This artist throws glitch hop, dubstep, and downtempo into the mix, and each song is punctuated by her distinct voice.

It’s the perfect combination of live and produced sounds. Everyone from De La Soul to LTJ Bukem has enlisted ill-esha’s talents.

“I’m from Vancouver, and I’ve been in bands and choirs since I was a little kid,” Zaide said. “I went to a rave and fell in love with it, so I started singing and DJing.”

Zaide was interested in jazz and R&B, so she fused those vocal elements into the mix. The electro artist creates and produces her own music, and adds raw and live electronic elements to the set.

“I was inspired by a lot of classic jazz — people like Miles Davis and Etta James,” Zaide said. “The music’s only limited by my imagination and I’m inspired by what I hear around me.

“Doing the singing and DJing fortified me with more creative control. I’ve definitely created a niche thing. It’s been successful, because it’s unique.”

It all comes down to the concerts, so Zaide figured how to combine her talents in a live setting.

“For the live show, I do a DJ mix using a traditional system. I use turntables and a mic,” Zaide said. “I’m playing the tracks, doing live effects and singing intermittently.

“You just get a feel for doing all of it.”

Zaide’s brand of electro music is attracting attention. That’s why the artist was granted a rare US O1 visa. The merit’s reserved for extraordinarily talented performers.

“It’s a visa given to artists that have demonstrated talents above the pack,” Zaide said. “It’s very rare to get this and I just got my papers.

“Previously, I’d just been playing in major cities, but this will give me the chance to hit medium and smaller places. I can be here all the time and get my music out.”

Zaide wants to distribute her music to a wider audience and she has several projects up her sleeve. The performer’s working on two EPs and a record produced by dubstep pro 12th Planet.

“I’m finishing up two projects,” Zaide confirmed. “I have a 7-inch with tracks of movie music. It’s very funk and ’80s influenced. I’m trying to bring the funk back to music and it will be a dance album.

“I’m also doing a small downtempo EP. I’m shooting my first music video for it and it will be more crossover.”

For now, Zaide’s ready to play Boulder.

“I’ve never played Boulder before, so I’m really excited,” Zaide said. “I’ve got some new musical looping. That’s a big thing, because it gives me the freedom to update the show.

“I’ll be bringing some really great loops and a harmonizing pedal to Boulder. I’ve never done that before and this will be the first show I’ve done with this stuff. There’s infinite possibilities.”

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