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Dance workouts offered at:

Pure Barre: Pure Barre; 303-443-3054

Colorado Athletic Club: Balletone, Viva la Diva, Soul Sweat, Zumba; 303-501-1700

Flatiron Athletic Club: Jazz Dance, Zumba; 303-499-6590

24-hour Fitness: Zumba, Hip Hop, Hustle; 303-209-9274

Dollhouse Pole Studio: Doll-icious, Dollhouse Caberet, Pole Dancing; 720-989-1838

Bikini season is approaching quickly, and a recent workout trend is helping University of Colorado students build the perfect figure.

The desire for a dancer’s body has some Boulder women in search of classes that tone and slim.

“So many women are in search of that dancer’s body,” said Shalisa Pouw, owner of Boulder’s Pure Barre studio, which opened in January. “The bikini body is about getting long and lean instead of bulking up. That’s the shape women want.”

Pure Barre — which uses ballet turnout technique to tone muscles — is just one of the many dance-based workout trends that CU students are trying. Pole dancing, Zumba’s Latin dance routines and Balletone’s ballet-based techniques are just a few of the ways women are improving their shape this summer.

“College students are picking up on the trend because they’re doing what their friends are doing,” Pouw said. “This is fun and popular right now. Students are a little more adventurous and willing to try new things.”

Latin dance, nightclub-style and dance combination classes are among the most popular group exercise classes, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association’s 2011 trend report.

“Dance-style workouts are very popular,” said Meredith Poppler, spokeswoman for the association. “Anytime an exercise is fun, the chances of it being something you do regularly enough to deliver results, goes way up,”

CU sophomore Lexie Hoops attends Pure Barre classes regularly and said the large variety of dance aerobics classes makes it easy for anyone to find a good fit.

“It’s so much fun and it’s a great way to express yourself,” Hoops said. “It’s really empowering to be working out with great people and great music.”

Dorms closing, students heading home for the summer and beautiful weather cause the CU Recreation Center usage to drop from about 4,500 people per day to about 1,000, said Dan Rummle, building services manager.

CU senior Chloe Werner said she enjoys taking Zumba classes at the Rec Center — which are not offered in the summer due to the significant attendance drop. Werner said despite nice weather, she likes the motivation and commitment required for indoor classes.

“It’s easier to motivate myself when someone is telling me what to do,” Werner said. “If I go to a class, I’m more likely to get a full workout than if I do it on my own.”

CU graduate student Amanda Kass said she typically moves her workout outdoors in the summer, but rainy days and her Maymester class have kept her in the gym for the past three weeks.

“Since I’m not on campus every day in the summer, I tend to just run outside instead of going to the Rec Center,” Kass said. “But I have Maymester class everyday right now so I’ve been coming (to the Rec Center) after class.”

The Rec Center staff is hoping some new intramural summer programs will increase attendance until students get back to Boulder in August. For a list of intramurals, Rec Center hours or fitness class schedules visit

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