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A few months ago as I went through a Taco Bell drive through, the young man taking my order made the assumption that I was in my last semester of high school, exclaiming that I would really love having my sun roof when I got to college. Rather than informing him that I was, in fact, eight years removed from high school, I nodded awkwardly, stunned and dumbfounded by the accusation. As long as I can remember, I’ve fallen victim to this crime; I guess I just have a baby face. So when bars cater to the youngsters and under-21 crowd, I get all warm and fuzzy inside because I know it’s somewhere I won’t get double-carded. As is the case with the Absinthe House’s 18+ night. Every Sunday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., the Absinthe House, 1109 Walnut Street, opens its doors to 18 and up. Cover is ten bucks for anyone under 21 and only big kids upstairs.

For more information call 303-443-8600

Pairing dinners can be so intimidating. I never know how fast I’m allowed to eat each course and if I can chug my wine or if I have to sip it along with each bite. And I’m not going to lie and say that my palate is sophisticated enough to understand complementary flavors between some meat I’ve never heard of and some wine I can’t pronounce. Enter Sushi Tora and their non-threatening solution: a sushi/beer pairing dinner with Avery Brewing Company. Tonight from 6:30-9:30 p.m., Sushi Tora, 2014 10th Street, is offering their take on a traditional pairing dinner for $79/person (including tax and tip). Along with a silent auction, proceeds benefit the Japanese tsunami relief effort.

Call 303-938-9600 to reserve your seat!

I have an issue with my weather app — it tends to get stuck on the weather from the previous day so when I check it each morning for temperature-appropriate attire, I often find myself having to wear my coat inside all day long. But I think I finally have it figured out, and if I’m right, this weekend will be the first gorgeous weekend we’ve had all season. And perfect timing, too — Memorial Day is only days away, which means so is the Boulder Creek Festival. Get things started off right tomorrow night from 6–9 p.m. at the 29th Street Mall Central Plaza, 1710 29th Street, for their Kick-Off Concert with That ’80s Band. Free parking, free live music, can’t get much better.

Details at

P.S.: Tonight starting at 5 p.m. is Twisted Pine Brewery’s Charity Night for CareConnect. $1 from every pint sold at the brewery, 3201 Walnut Street, is donated to this wonderful organization benefiting seniors and adults with special disabilities. Grab a beer after work and support something great!

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