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Confession: My gut reaction to the Bolder Boulder is to run — the other way.

On my first Memorial Day in Boulder, I rode my bike to the course to check it out. That’s when I learned what an amazing event the Bolder Boulder is. I think I got a runner’s high just watching.

I’ll run it one of these days. When they change the course again…in a really major way and put the whole darned thing on dirt.

Nah, I’ll run it on the roads. I feel obligated to do it some day; it feels like a Boulder rite of passage.

In the meantime, having seen it and accepting that I’m now procrastinating on running it, my instinct is to skirt the crowds and make a dash for a crag or trail away from the melee. (Except that this year, I’ll be heading into the belly of the beast to write about it. I’m looking forward to another secondary-smoke runner’s high.)

Some years, Rocky Mountain National Park has provided me with a good alternative mini-melee — the crowds in May don’t compare to the height of the summer tourist boom.

But if you head to the park this weekend, know that you can’t climb to the heights by car. Park officials announced earlier this week that Trail Ridge Road will remain closed this weekend .

According to a release from the park:

“Last week’s snowstorm produced 17-foot drifts above Rainbow Curve on the east side of the park. There is more snow along that section of road now than there was on May 5.”

Holy snowdrifts. Perhaps a backcountry ski tour in the park?

Info: (including awesome snow-plowing photos);

Dare to go bare…but wait

Saturday night, REI Boulder will host a talk entitled “Dare to Go Bare: The Fundamentals of Barefoot Running.”

Some of you are super-psyched about running right now. But don’t get so psyched that you try the Bolder Boulder as your first barefoot run.

The heights of your runner’s high won’t be enough to pull you out of the hurt locker if you test the barefoot waters more than 10 kilometers.

Rule No. 1 of barefoot running is to start slowly. I know this because:

– I’ve interviewed a bunch of people who run barefoot.

– When you buy Vibram Five Finger shoes you get a well-meaning lecture from the salesperson.

– When you run for approximately 36 minutes on your second quasi-barefoot run ever and post it on Facebook, an experienced runner will leave you a well-meaning but scolding-you comment (thanks for momming me, Caolan) to take it easy.

But if you’re psychtastically psyched at REI on Saturday and wish to ignore my warnings (like I did), at least donate your shoes on the spot to Soles 4 Souls, which gives away gently used shoes to those in need around the world.


Kids who rock

On Saturday, Movement’s kids climbing team, Team Sik Bird, is hosting an Access Fund Adopt-a-Crag day at the Satellite Boulders in the Flatirons.

To help them out, meet at 8:50 a.m. at Chautauqua to group up and fuel up on coffee and banana bread, said organizer and coach Chelsea Rude.

Info: 9 a.m. to noon Saturday; email for more.

Superior Morgul

If you’re a cyclist, you probably can’t believe it took me this long to get around to mentioning that the Superior Morgul Classic is this weekend.

Because you have a runner’s high about riding this race. And you’re upset that the runners get all the credit for a high that is the result of any exercise, not just running.

Saturday is the crit, Sunday is the road race, and it’s all awesome. Registration isn’t full, but you have to do it in person now.


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