The weekend is finally looking up — blue skies, warm weather are in the forecast all weekend, with a minimal chance of the usual spring chancy blah-ness.


Plus, things open Memorial Day weekend. Like the road to Mount Evans (which only opened part of the way).

Now what should you do with yourself?

Put your flip-flops on permanent stand-by at the door and try one of these five things:

Tube while you can

Sure, the apocalypse was supposed to be a couple of weekends ago. But the guy who predicted it didn’t know snot about the Colorado snowpack (or much else). If he had, he’d be predicting the Four Floods of the Snowmeltpocalypse for this weekend.

However, Boulder Creek’s flow is somewhat controlled by Barker Dam, in Nederland. So you can tube the creek this weekend, snowmeltpocalypse or not.

Boulder high

Not that kind, mister I-have-my-card.

The high country bouldering is opening up for the summer season.

If you don’t mind throwing your crash pad atop snow.

Note: Snow is not a crash pad. Especially when it thinly covers leg-snapping gaps between sharp rocks.

Maybe just wait until after the Snowmeltpocalypse and concurrent Mudpocalypse.

Plan that slackecue

You’ve been wanting to have a backyard slacklining party, plus barbecue all spring.

The time is now!

Except that at last summer’s slackecue, your vegetarian pal Steve had his first burger in years, and the cow came up for one last ‘moo’ while he was on your slackline.

Google either “remove vomit nylon” or “slackline sale.” Buy veggie burgers.

Get campy

Is this you?

– Sick of sleeping indoors

– Don’t have cash for long drive

Summer camping nearby, off the Peak to Peak highway!

Except that Pawnee and Rainbow Lakes campgrounds are closed for improvements this summer, thus leaving you duking it out with out-of-towners for fewer sites (which will probably still have snow on them this weekend).

Hrm. Is this you?

– Sleeping in your backyard in Boulder, wondering what that smell is all night; wake up the next morning to realize that your sleeping bag is mushing your roommate’s dog’s poo

– Don’t have cash to kick roommate out or buy new sleeping bag

Dusty trails

The trails should dry out by the weekend, so you can mountain bike and hike wherever.

Spring Mudpocalypse is over! (?)

Mountain bikers: Valmont Bike Park opens next weekend, so get your fix of local trails now and plan next weekend at the park.

Unless the upcoming snowmeltpocalypse takes us all out.

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