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Who: Yeasayer with Smith Westerns

When: 8 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Ogden Theatre, 935 E. Colfax, Denver

Cost: $25


The music scene’s back in action after the Memorial Day weekend, so it’s time to check out some new artists.

Tonight, experimental rock band Yeasayer hits the Ogden, and etown hosts a double-bill with DeVotchKa and Joe Purdy at the Boulder Theater.


There’s a lot of great music coming out of Brooklyn, N.Y. One of the hottest buzz band’s from the NYC borough is Yeasayer.

Yeasayer plays a fusion of lush experimental and psychedelic pop sounds. The sonic blend has landed the band on tours with MGMT and Man Man, plus sets at Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

Tonight, Colorado gets to hear tunes from the band’s latest CD, Odd Blood at the Ogden.

“We have a lot of different things in Yeasayer music,” frontman Chris Keating said. “We’re actually a mash-up of culture and that’s a very interesting idea.

“Certain ideas are always creeping into the music. Lately, I’ve been revisiting ambient music of the ’70s — like Brian Eno.”

The band was looking at pop influences when it recorded its 2010 record, Odd Blood. Yeasayer had a few songs leftover, so the group released the EP, End Blood for 2011’s Record Day celebration.

“We decided to make Odd Blood fun and improvisational,” Keating said. “This record is more experimental with ideas, instruments and sounds, but we fit them into a pop context.

“It was a natural format for the songs and it made sense.”

Yeasayer’s genre-jumping music and the band’s live shows are attracting lots of fans. Keating attributes the band’s growing fanbase to lots of hard work.

“We do 200 shows a year,” Keating said. “It’s partly luck — and getting out on the road. We also maintain a certain level of enthusiasm at the live shows. We never take that for granted.

“We try to spend a lot of effort on the aesthetics of sound and visuals. We have pretty exciting lighting and that’s a big part of the live shows. We want people to get something out of the experience.”

Joe Purdy at etown

Tonight, etown kicks off its summer season at the Boulder Theater. The double-bill features Colorado’s DeVotchKa and singer/songwriter Joe Purdy.

Purdy’s touring behind his newest indie-folk album, This American.

The singer-songwriter’s emotive tunes have been featured on TV’s “Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Purdy’s songs also appeared in the movies “The Secret Life of Bees” and “Going the Distance.”

“I grew up listening to old records and I try to make new records that sound like that,” Purdy said. “Vinyl has that authenticity, and that old sound is warm and safe.

“These records had timeless songs and that’s what I do with my songwriting. I want to write songs that hold up and feel timeless — songs that don’t get in the way of the story or emotion.”

Purdy spent a long time polishing his last record, so he went back to basics for This American.

“This record is just me, a mic, a guitar and the songs,” Purdy said. “I rented a house and churned out these 15 songs.

“It definitely has a Dust Bowl/Great Depression era feel to it. It’s about my life traveling through the country and everywhere I’ve been.”

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