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The Boulder community as a whole often prides itself as being an extremely open-minded collection of individuals. This trait, in fact, draws many students to the university. Every group finds itself welcome in the Boulder city limits, save for one. The CU Greek system is looked upon contemptuously as outsiders. About a tenth of the CU student body finds itself to be the object of negativity.

What the Boulder community does not realize is that the CU Greek system sets itself apart from Greeks around the country. Where other colleges’ fraternity systems pander to the elite, Boulder’s has houses for men of every kind. Not only are the Greek houses more inclusive but they offer more to the community. At the university, which has received the top rank in partying, the fraternities have, surprisingly, gotten safer. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) and a close relationship with the Boulder Police have allowed the fraternities to provide a safer environment for the infamously dangerous fraternity parties. These events are secured by the police and have EMTs on hand in case anything goes wrong. There are always sober fraternity members to keep drinking at safe levels and to keep violent members of the community away. Greeks also provide for the local and national communities in other ways. Fraternity events benefit the Youth Aids Foundation, St. Jude, and local groups for special needschildren. There are literally dozens of these philanthropy events each year which are ignored by the community simply because they are put on by members of the Greek system. The fraternities of today are no longer the fraternities of the ’90s. Boulder is not shamed by the tragedies of students’ deaths in Greek houses. Today’s Greeks are worthy of being embraced by a community which prides itself on reaching out. I would implore you not to simply write off Fraternities as having no place in Boulder and to take an honest look at the benefits that accepting them might offer.

Steven Tutor



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