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More trends

Here are some other color trends to look for — but keep them to a minimum since it’s all about the brightness this summer!

Bohemian muted tones

We’re talking colors that look like they’ve been washed a bunch of times or that they’re actually from the ’70s.

Sailor reds and navys

Look like the Fourth of July or that you’ve stepped out of a yacht club.

Grandma’s floral couch pastels

You know your Grandma’s couch that smells like old people? Well, basically colors that look like it threw up on you (in a good way).

Cream lace

Just as it sounds, lace in every design and pattern, in cream.

Warm weather and sunshine is finally here! Since you all should have started to drag out your summer best, it’s time to learn a bit about what’s going on in the realm of color for the upcoming months.

So it seems through my research and overzealous shopping habits that the big theme for this summer’s color palate around the University of Colorado can be summed up easily; vibrant, and the sea.

“I’ve been seeing lots of bright yellows, oranges, pinks and blues,” said CU junior Heather Pagnozzi.

And Pagnozzi is seeing correctly, it’s time to ditch the “slimming” black, boring grey, and everyday white and try out some brighter hues.

Basically, if it looks like it could be on some sort of cartoon character, you should probably try it on.

If you’re one that loves your neutrals, just ease into with some pops of bright color.

Maria DiManna, a senior at CU, knows exactly what I’m talking about and says she does it with her own wardrobe.

“I tend to wear neutrals with pops of color, such as shoes or purses. I like an eclectic color pattern, depending on the day and what kind of outfit I feel like wearing.”

A big part of the bright color theme is the sea. Ocean blue, sea foam green, Nemo orange, coral and other vivid sea-like colors are showing up just about everywhere.

But — everything in moderation, kids.

“I really like when girls use one or two pieces that add color to their outfit,” said senior Andi Hudler, “but some ladies take the bright summer hues too far and walk around looking like they just survived a massive blow-up at the local Skittle factory.”

Hudler is a fan of one of the big color trends for this season, but not necessarily because of its popularity.

“I do like to switch tops and tanks with new colors that are appealing, but lately coral has been my new color of choice since it works so well with my complexion,” she said.

I would never tell anyone to only wear color as a basic, even though American Apparel is right on Pearl Street, and knows their way around a basic colored piece.

Patterns are a staple in any wardrobe, and now, just like everything else, they’ve become vibrant as well.

“I have become a big fan of bright patterns unlike ever before,” said CU junior, Genevieve Schutzius, “I think I’m attracted to them because they make a big statement, and it seems that clothing these days is all about that.”

These four CU girls seem to know what they’re talking about when it comes to color this summer. But I plead to the rest of the collegiate masses in Boulder, don’t be the local snoozefest when it comes to your attire. Try out something new — wear a brightly colored tie-dye for all I care, just make sure it’s appropriately accessorized and tailored.

Fashion Challenges

Girls: Put away the leggings for one week. I mean it, return to your old friend denim who misses you, and wants to be in your life again. Or give skirts a try! Just try to live without spandex or lycra on your legs for as long as possible. If you’re really daring, don’t wear leggings for a month! I’ll give you a hug if you do.

Guys: No socks with shoes and shorts. Or at least no high socks with shorts. Or heaven forbid black socks with shorts. It’s not a good look, and there is such a thing called “No See’em” socks so you don’t sweat through your Vans but don’t look like a nerd, either.

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