If you go

What: An evening with editors of “Nice Girls, Naughty Sex”

Where: Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl St.

When: Monday at 7:30 p.m.

More info: $5; parental discretion advised;

‘Everyone has sex,” said Boulderite Samantha Sade, an erotica aficionado and co-founder of popular website Oysters and Chocolate. “It’s one of the most human things we do. It’s fun and appropriate to exercise it artistically.”

Sade met Oysters and Chocolate partner Jordan LaRousse in elementary school in Niwot, where they also attended high school.

The lifelong friends, today in their early 30s, graduated from the University of Colorado with degrees in English and creative writing and created their website in 2005.

Both women have assumed pen names, for what has become their full-time job of maintaining their website. The 60-hour-a-week gig involves everything from seeking out quality erotica literature, to offering reviews of adult toys and “nurturing authors,” according to Sade, who is married and lives in Boulder.

LaRousse has also remained in Boulder, has a 14-year-old daughter and writes a monthly sex advice column for the website, which she said receives close to 300,000 unique hits per month.

Together, Sade and LaRousse have written two sex advice books — “Mastering Your Man from Head to Head” (2010) and “Penis Genius” (2011) — and have edited two books of literary erotica — “Oysters and Chocolate” (2009) and “Nice Girls, Naughty Sex” (2011).

The latter, which includes 20 stories by 20 authors (17 women and three men) was released in February. LaRousse and Sade have made one public appearance promoting the book at Denver’s adult store Fascinations and will be coming to the Boulder Book Store on Monday.

Joining the editors at the event will be “Nice Girls, Naughty Sex” contributor Julian Augustus Finisterre (who writes under a pen name), a former English teacher at a Wisconsin charter school who is visiting for the evening to read some of his work.

“He’s just a riot,” said LaRousse, “so this should be fun.”

The night will also include white wine, a masturbation game and a Q&A by LaRousse and Sade.

Stephanie Schindhelm, events coordinator at the Boulder Book Store, said this is the third time LaRousse and Sade have graced the store’s stage.

“We’ve had great events with them and have always received positive feedback,” said Schindhelm. “We’re really excited. We love those girls and are looking forward to it.”

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