L et’s be honest, local microbrews can be an expensive drunk and the breweries themselves are too far spread to walk.

Luckily, Boulder is an eminently bikeable city, so grab two wheels and get out to see some of our best breweries.

If you don’t have a bike, the city’s new B-cycle stations have you covered. Just be careful — Boulder’s BUI criteria is the same as its DUI, a blood-alcohol level of 0.08.

Here’s one possible tour.

If you’re For convenience’s sake, you’ll want to buy a 24-hour pass — costing roughly $5 — from the B-station at 3080 Center Green Drive. Ride south down Center Green, cross Valmont, and keep going south on Wilderness Place. Down that road is Genesis: Boulder Beer , 2880 Wilderness Place. Founded in 1979, they’ve been brewing world-class beer since before any other microbrewery in Colorado. One of the highlights of the Boulder Beer is “cask-conditioned ale,” which is hand-drawn from the kegs to the tap. Ask the bartender what’s on cask — it might be any of their world-renowned beers — and enjoy watching the unfiltered liquid pour into your glass. Pints of beer here, and on down the road, cost an average of $5 a pint, so keep that in mind as you drink towards the finish.

After Boulder Beer, get on the bike path south of the brewery and go east to Foothills, then south to Walnut, then west until you see stop number two: Twisted Pine Brewing Co. , 3201 Walnut St. Temptations abound here, but keep in mind that you still have the longest stint — a mile and a half — after this without getting a BUI (which they take as seriously as a DUI). To keep you going, check out the menu at Twisted Pine. Their reasonably priced soups are made with Billy’s Chilies beer and highly recommended.

Leave Twisted Pine with a heavy stomach of beer and beer soup. Fortunately, the ride from here is easy. Continue west down Walnut until you reach 16th Street, then jog up to Pearl to Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery , 1535 Pearl St. Here, at last, you may guzzle brews without risk of repercussion, because there’s plenty of food and because it’s your last stop. You can catch a bus or a cab home.

Over coffee the next morning, go over the results. If you had one beer at each stop and a cheap meal, your bank account will read about $40 less than before. If you indulged every desire, you might have spent twice that. Whether you spent a lot or a little, the chance to drink the best beers in the country where they’re crafted is always good value.

Go big: Avery Brewing Company is the one microbrewery that didn’t make this tour but should have. If you’re up to it, head there after stop two by riding south beside Foothills until reaching Arapahoe, then east to 55th. Take the fourth left after 55th. It’ll be well worth the effort. Avery is one of the finest breweries in the nation and offers free tours from their taproom at 4 p.m. weekdays and 2 p.m. weekends. To get back on the trail, retrace your steps back to Twisted Pine and continue from there.

Or save money: Ask for tasters. And friends can increase the economy of this tour. So in case you needed a reason to bring an entourage, there it is. Buy a pitcher, and everyone saves.

When to go: All the microbreweries mentioned open around 11 a.m. The first ones to close are Boulder Beer and Twisted Pine, at 8 p.m. on the weekends. So long as you begin early enough to make it to those, you need not worry how late it is. Also, make sure that you return your B-cycle before the stations close at midnight.

Where it is: Got a smart device? Plug the addresses in to insure you won’t get lost; Boulder Beer, 2880 Wilderness Place; Twisted Pine, 3201 Walnut St.; Avery Brewing, 5757 Arapahoe Ave.; Mountain Sun Pub, 1535 Pearl St. Or build your own tour and submit photos to us at!

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