DJ mLe plays the Fox tonight, and if you don’t dance, she’s gonna freak out on you.

If you go

Who: Friday Night Fever with DJ mLe, and costume and dance contest

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.

Cost: $11


The Fox is gearing up for two electro-fused dance parties.

Tonight, DJ mLe plays the Friday Night Fever party, and Tuesday Octopus Nebula brings its electronic fusion to the Fox.

DJ mLe

DJ mLe’s built a reputation as one of Denver’s best DJs. The mixing pro has a knack for reading crowds and knows how to build the energy in a room.

The DJ’s worked audiences at Club Vinyl, Beta Nightclub, and the Church, and she has a solid national following.

“I bring energy, passion and years of experience working with a crowd,” DJ mLe said. “I’m not some fancy turntablist, I do not set things on fire or DJ naked. What I am extremely talented at is making people dance, reading a crowd and mixing really good music together flawlessly.

“I strongly believe in the connection that happens between a performer and the crowd. And if you aren’t performing — your crowd won’t respond.”

These days, DJ mLe packs Colorado clubs, and plays festivals and parties around the country. She’s signed to Velcro City Records and DJ Shortee has used several of her tracks.

Boulder will be in for a treat when DJ mLe hits the Fox. The artist plans to show off an eclectic mix of sounds.

“I play everything from breaks to electro house, to dubstep, techno and drums and bass,” DJ mLe said. “I’ve also been doing the most fun and exciting night with this Friday Night Fever event.

“I play classic disco for the first hour or two, then totally switch it up on everyone and play what we are calling Disco Tech.”

DJ mLe promises to have the crowd on their feet. This is not a listening party.

“This is a dance party – period,” DJ mLe said. “I am a DJ to dance your ass off to.

“There may be a special surprise for everyone, too. Not saying anything yet, but if it works out — people will be blown away!”

DJ mLe’s ready for a busy summer. She played last weekend’s Electric Daisy Festival in Colorado, and she’ll perform at the July 15 Global Music Festival in Kansas City.

The DJ’s also ready to release a new project called Hold Tight.

“It’s a metaphor for a lot of different things,” DJ mLe said. “Like new experiences or coming out of a difficult situation. Realizing that life is what you make it, so you’d better hold tight.

“I hope that people will hear the messages in the lyrics and take on their own interpretation. Mostly, I just hope people enjoy what I’m putting out and find something inspiring in it all.”

Octopus Nebula

Bassnectar’s headlining Red Rocks on Saturday, so the Fox’s hosting a special post-show bash.

The 10 p.m. show features Octopus Nebula, Hathbanger (Robotic Pirate Monkey) and Candyman (Slim Thugz).

Denver’s Octopus Nebula is psyched to headline the post-concert party. The group churns out an impressive blend of electronic, downtempo, ambient, breakbeat, acid jazz and rock. Whew!

“This incarnation of the band has been together for a year-and-a-half,” keyboardist John Safarik said. “There are a lot of elements and we never limit ourselves to one genre.

“We’re a hybrid of the DJ and jamtronica scenes. We use all live instruments and we do live frequencing like DJ’s.

Octopus Nebula just released its first record and the band’s pretty pleased with the project.

“This album takes you to many different levels and places,” Safarik said. “It takes you to many sonic landscapes and it hinges on a lot of different levels sonically.”

Octupus Nebula’s ready to show off its new music at Saturday’s music party.

“This will be the throwdown after Bassnectar,” Safarik said. “We pride ourselves on playing late night dance music.

“We have been known for our late night shows. We’ll do some of our own songs, do some re-mixes — and see what happens.”

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