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Truth is stranger than fiction.

Spoken word star Henry Rollins will host “Animal Underworld,” Jennifer Lopez questions her “American Idol” future — and Jessica Simpson scores a fashion reality show.

Henry Rollins and exotic animals

Henry Rollins speaks his mind at his politically-charged spoken word shows. Now he’s ready to tackle the world of exotic animals.

Yes, National Geographic Wild recruited the punkster/spoken word artist to host its new series “Animal Underworld.”

The show’s heading into the edgy side for National Geographic, as it features people who own exotic animals — and those who eat them.

One of the shows features Rollins visiting Arizona’s Road Kill Cafe. The quaint eatery offers Varmint Vittles and Rack of Raccoon on the menu. The café’s motto is “You Kill it, We Grill it.” Ugh!

Sounds like this show will be the world’s biggest ad for going vegetarian.

Lopez jumping from ‘AI?’

Last week, “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez made international news with her BBC radio interview heard ’round the world.

The entertainer was doing an interview with the BBC and discussed her future with the talent show.

“I don’t know,” Lopez said. “I haven’t been forced to make a decision — and I’m glad about that, because honestly I’m very kind of on the fence about it.”

The “AI” judge told the BBC she had a lot of things happening and that it would come down to making a choice. Lopez was smart and only signed a one-year deal with “Idol.”

Let’s face it, “The Voice” is mopping the floor with “American Idol.” “Jenny from the Block,” use your street smarts and get out while you can!

Simpson a fashion queen

Jennifer Simpson knows a thing or two about fashion.

The performer/reality star operates own her fashion empire, and sells lines of clothing, handbags, shoes and cologne. This year she’s expected to rake in over one billion dollars!

Now Simpson’s heading back to reality TV with her fashion savvy.

The entrepreneur will be a fashion mentor and share her marketing secrets on NBC’s “Fashion Star.”

The show features contestants vying to launch their own brands. The fashionistas have to compete in weekly contests, as they try to earn a multi-million dollar contract.

Simpson’s been called ditzy, but maybe it’s all an act. The reality star had the smarts to market her products and make lots of cash on the way.

Yeah, she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

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