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With so many diverse diseases and conditions to fight, it seems pain is the only constant everyone must endure. Managing pain is key to a happy, healthy life, so it’s important to find ways to regulate it. One way to do this is through medical cannabis, an alternative, natural approach Boulder patients are beginning to discover. Greg of The Green Room in Boulder said 90 percent of the cardholders he sees who obtained a medical marijuana certificate from the Colorado Department of Health did so to combat chronic pain.
Medical cannabis, along with being an effective natural pain management method, is among the most healthful ways of relieving chronic pain. Unlike painkillers traditionally prescribed by doctors – many of which are opiates, including oxycodone, morphine and hydrocodone – THC is neither addictive nor deadly. While many prescription painkillers can lead to dependency, addiction, overdose and death if used improperly, medical marijuana is 100 percent safer without losing the ability to manage pain from a wide array of conditions and symptoms.
If you’re looking for a healthful alternative to prescription drugs with potentially dangerous side- effects, medicinal marijuana is a natural, holistic option. It not only relieves pain but heals and leaves the body and mind with a sense of well-being, allowing patients to cope with the symptoms of an ailment but adjust to living with it as well.
The Green Room offers private consultations for patients looking to learn new, safe ways to manage pain. To set up an appointment, call (303) 945-4074 or check out the website at The Green Room blog published an article earlier this year discussing the potential dangers of prescription painkillers and the benefits of using medical cannabis; read more at

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