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Karing Kind Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Boulder specializes not only in quality, effective medicine but transparency as well. On the eve of its one-year anniversary Friday, July 1, this wellness center is celebrating a major milestone: A year of operating completely within Colorado law, reassuring patients that the medicine they buy comes from a legitimate, totally compliant source. 
After years of serving as a caregiver, owner Dylan Donaldson, along with his cousin and a childhood friend, opened Karing Kind to continue helping the Boulder community get well while meeting the legislative requirements of Colorado House Bill 1284, which forbids caregivers from working for-profit outside of a retail venue. The center’s opening day, July 1, 2010, is the exact day the law took effect. Since then, the dispensary has prided itself on providing top-shelf medical marijuana at affordable prices. 
All cannabis sold at Karing Kind is free of pesticides and developed completely organically. The quality level is constantly maintained because “we grow 95 percent of what we sell in-house,” Dylan said. The remaining 5 percent comes from “careful trade” with growers who hold similar standards. 
Visiting a dispensary that obeys all laws governing medicinal marijuana furthers the sense of security patients get from working with an established center dedicated to providing beneficial, high-quality medicine. 
“Quality starts with patients knowing where their medicine is coming from,” Dylan said. “With our products and methods, the worst thing you’ll find is a ladybug.”  
Karing Kind’s organic, pesticide-free methods have led to a number of popular, unique strains and blends. The center’s hash jelly is the house hash oil, made with 100 percent consumable, non-toxic solvent, rather than the more traditional (and potentially dangerous) butane, offering patients a homespun, alternative THC concentrate that delivers the same effects as regular hash without toxic chemicals. Perhaps the most notable item in the Karing Kind medicine cabinet, however, is Nepali Hash. 
“Our Nepali Hash replicates the process used by monks in Nepal,” Dylan said. “It’s very old school: We use ice, water, the same methods they do.
“It’s hard to find, but I’ve gotten the process down so much that we can sell it as one of our premier medicines.” 
All products sold by Karing Kind already factor tax into the transaction, meaning you can budget your health care without being hit by an unexpected cost. The dispensary also offers affordable, competitive prices, with an eighth of an ounce usually running for $25-$35 depending on the strain. Members at Karing Kind save up to 27 percent off the walk-in price; to become a member, Dylan said, all you have to do is “like what we do.” 
Though Karing Kind serves all Colorado clientele, it’s certainly a dispensary that hasn’t lost its locally owned, small-town feel. Dylan said he’s always happy to meet patients, in-person and online: By “friending” Karing Kind on Facebook, you can access special discounts and recommendations on a wide range of available medicine.
When seeking medical assistance, the most important factor should be recognizing legitimate, reliable care providers. As a law-abiding dispensary, Karing Kind offers alternative health and wellness options you can always trust. And, because of its background – owned and operated by Colorado natives who are “like a family,” Dylan said – you can trust that patient well-being will be the primary concern.  

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