Nautical Mile

If you go

Who: Nautical Mile with the Heyday, Sundown Social and The Say So

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.

Cost: $10


Nautical Mile’s a Boulder band on the rise.

The band cranks out a tasty blend of indie, pop and punk tunes, and its making a mark on the Colorado scene.

Saturday, Nautical Mile shows off tunes from its new EP at the Fox. To add to the fun, the show will feature local indie pop faves HeyDay, Sundown Social and the Say So. This is a great night to hear fun dance music and support the local scene.

“Nautical Mile is a Boulder band,” confirmed new vocalist Janaya Spink. “I met them through another band and it worked out well with my edgy rock style of vocals.

“There were are a lot of different musical influences in the music. There’s a lot of punk, rock and classic rock. It sounded really interesting and I thought we could build something together.”

This new incarnation of Nautical Mile has been together for less than a year, but it’s already set the band’s career in motion.

“Fans are really reacting well to the music we’ve brought in,” Spink said. “Our songs are alternative — they’re rock, punk and indie. We all brought in our different influences.

“We try to tell stories in our lyrics and I think we have a unique sound. Plus, there’s not a lot of girl-fronted punk bands. That makes us stand out and gives us a better chance.”

Denver radio station KTCL noticed Nautical Mile and it’s been an integral part of spreading the word.

“KTCL’s been really nice to play our single and offer us some big shows,” Spink said. “They’re really supportive of local music and they love to help local bands.”

Nautical Mile had its key players, cemented its music style and had the right songs to showcase the band. It was time to make a solid EP.

The band headed up to Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins to record its new EP, Invisible Ink.

“We have four brand new songs on the EP,” Spink said. “Each one has a different sound and there’s a lot of passion in each song.”

Nautical Mile’s ready to show off its tight new tunes for Boulder.

“We’re going to play our new songs at the Fox,” Spink said. “We also picked the bands opening for us. They’re some great bands and really good friends.

“This will be a fun night of great musicians — and we put on a really fun show.”

Now Nautical Mile’s ready to take its music to the next level.

“We’ve been trying to branch out and take our music out of Boulder,” Spink said. “We play and practice every day, and we put a lot into the band. Our goal is to tour and make a living doing what we love.”

Smoking Popes

Here’s an alternative rock road-trip alert:

Monday, Denver’s Summit Music Hall hosts a very cool double bill with Alkaline Trio and Smoking Popes.

The Smoking Popes are a pop-punk outfit from Chicago that features the three Caterer brothers. The band’s been moving up the indie band ranks and touring with its latest CD, This is Only a Test.

“My brothers and I have been playing together since we were little kids,” band leader Josh Caterer said. “We just evolved into a band.

“We’d listen to everything — punk, hard rock and Willie Nelson. Then, we’d incorporate different elements of the different music into one musical stew.”

The Smoking Popes started playing their music all over Chicago. The band played basements, garages and city clubs.

“Whatever shows we could get, we’d take,” Caterer said. “We developed a following and we just got a break.”

The Smoking Popes were persistent and now the band’s touring behind its sixth studio record, This Is Only A Test.

“This record has a pretty fun energy to it,” Caterer said. “I think it’s reminiscent of our early stuff.

“It’s a concept record all about teenage life. The idea just came to me and I found it very liberating. Once I came up with the concept, the individual song ideas were easy to pick out.”

Smoking Popes and the Alkaline Trio will be a powerhouse double-bill for the Summit Music Hall.

“We’ve known the Alkaline Trio for a long time,” Caterer said. “That’s what makes this a really strong tour package.”

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