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Life with roommates is a little more... crowded. Don't screw it up.
Life with roommates is a little more… crowded. Don’t screw it up.

Getting your first roommate can be tricky. Even if you know them first, living with someone can flip your friendship upside down if you’re not prepared.

Avoid the roomy rugby match and make the most of your new bunk buddy.

Whether you plan on being best friends forever or never speaking to your new roommate again, these five tips will help you survive the cramped living space.

1 Set some boundaries

Private person or not, setting some boundaries is the key to not killing each other.

Discuss the basics like food sharing, dividing up the space and other personal items right away. Set the rules and obey them.

Write them down if you need to. Label whatever items could be confusing, like food, dishes, lotions or hair products.

This will help you maintain your privacy and clarify the rules for both of you.

2 Stingy sharing

While boundaries can help keep you organized, excessive rules can make you crazy.

Don’t forget to share at least a few things that can become community property. By sharing a microwave or a refrigerator, or even going to the supermarket together, you aren’t just sharing stuff, you’re bonding.

By sharing some things you’ll create some trust and responsibility. Plus it’s just nice to share. Don’t you remember anything you learned in Kindergarden?

3 A tie on the door

We all know the old tie on the door signal and it could really come in handy during your dorm time.

In the next few months you’re bound to meet a few interesting people and occasionally you might even want to bring one home.

With most freshmen living in the dorms, chances are you and your “new friend” are likely to have the same tight living situation. The tie on the door, or sock or headband or fill in the blank, is a subtle way for you to tell your roomy to bug off for a while.

You don’t want an embarrassing interruption that could make your tiny living space even more awkward.

4 Be a busy body

So it’s been a few weeks and you and your roommate are just not hitting it off.

Then don’t hang with them. You might be stuck living there but you don’t have to be there all the time.

Go out with the friends you actually like. You can find other places to study, eat, relax and even sleep.

You don’t have to be a douche about it just find other places to be.

5 Be a nuisance

When nice just ain’t cutting it anymore, fight back.

Start slowly tormenting them and be sneaky about it.

“What?! Someone filled your toothpaste bottle with mayonnaise?”

Try replacing their shampoo with honey, moving their stuff around and then acting like you have no idea what they’re talking about.

Eventually they’ll get annoyed and move out, but in the meantime be prepared for roommate war. Watch your back!

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