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Smartphones are old news.

Tablets are still kind of interesting and new, but not for long. The lifeblood of these devices is the steady stream of new apps.

No, I’m not talking about Angry Birds and Facebook. We all have those already.

Check out these apps that are still flying under the radar and rekindle your love for your smartphone.

1 HeyTell

This free app lets you send voice messages to your contacts like a walkie-talkie. Think of it like texting except your point will never get lost in translation. You don’t have to worry about autocorrect. LOL will become an actual laugh! Plus, your mom will love getting to hear her baby’s voice, without you having to suffer through an hour-long phone conversation about keeping your dorm room clean. It’s a win-win.


2 Yelp

Whether you’re new in town or just looking for a new place to check out, grab this free review app to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. From restaurants and bars to banks and drug stores this app has reviews from other Yelp users to help you decide where to spend your cash. You’re on a college budget now so don’t waste a single cent at that expensive bar on the corner when you can go one more block for $1 domestics. A GPS map helps you track down the nearest hot spot.


3 Photosynth

Everyone’s posting blurry, out-of-focus photos of the concert you’re at on Facebook. Be a trendsetter and step out of the box with the 3-D panoramic photo sharing app, Photosynth. This free app will give your friends a clear picture of the entire venue, a 360 view including that crazy dude that is sitting two rows behind you that keeps sticking his pierced tongue out and screaming “rock and roll, man” even though the band hasn’t started yet. And naturally you can send these 3-D scenes directly to Facebook.


4 Bump

With this free app you can share contact info, social networks, photos, music and even other apps with other users. Say the smartest dude in the class sits right in front of you. Sounds like a study buddy to me. Grab your phone, open the Bump app and wham-o (that’s right, I said wham-o) you now have all of his contact info and can annoy him until he agrees to tutor you. Or more likely, you’ll find a friend, a date or someone you’ll want to hang out with in that 400-person lecture class. Instead of trying to figure out how to spell their name on Facebook, just hit your phones together.


5 Jambase

Keep track of your favorite bands on tour with this free concert listings app. Add bands to your favorites list or import artists from your iPod to get a list of tour dates so you don’t miss a beat. The app connects directly to your calendar so when your favorite band comes to Boulder, you can make a note or set an alert to remind you when they’ll be here — and you can start saving up for tickets. You can also buy tickets or map the venue to see how far you’ll have to go to get to the show. You’ll never miss another show with this app. Unless of course you’re broke and can’t pay for tickets, but I’m sure there’s an app for that too.


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