Louisville Rex

Boulder’s reputation for being one of the healthiest yet also foodiest of towns in the country might not make much sense. But neither does throwing your cat out the car window while driving. Especially if you’re not videotaping it. To take your mind off of such koans we thought we’d remind you about a few new food spots in town where you can get your fill without being too much of a pill.

1 Frasca Caffe

1720 Pearl St., Boulder

If you haven’t yet checked out the quaint and cozy ad hoc café next to Frasca Food and Wine, you’re missing out on Boulder’s answer to a European little eatery where you can enjoy a cappuccino while enjoying the Tour de France, eat some delicious sandwiches or just people-watch.


2 Louisville Rex

817 Main Street, Louisville

Replacing Louisville’s Alley Cat, newbie Louisville Rex holds the honor of being East Boulder County’s first rooftop patio. Hanging over Main Street, you can chill in style in a glass-encased solarium of sorts while admiring the fresh views all around, some good food and drinks and pointing at those foolish folks down below settling for one-story culinary delights only.

Info: 303-666-6224

3 Bittersweet Café & Confections (Redeux)

820 Main Street, Louisville

You may have stopped into Bittersweet when they first opened last year, but guess what: they’ve moved down the block and now enjoy a larger location with a beautiful brick patio up front and in the back. You’ve got great art on the walls, all their delectable pastries and snacks along with some tip-top drinks (one of the few places in the area with good hot chocolate) and a staff that makes you feel right at home. Look for upcoming events, as well.

Info:, 303-257-8955

4 Snooze, an AM Eatery

1617 Pearl St., Boulder

Yes, yes, they haven’t opened yet in Boulder, but come September, you’ll be like, “Whoa, Matt was right and I like his hat.” Well, that’s my hat, so keep your hands off and stop into the spot that specializes in breakfast and lunch, straight outta Denver, yo. Every recipe is made from scratch right in their kitchen, so you know it’s gotta be good. Who wants food made out on the street? Unless you’re in New York?


5 Cured

1825 B. Pearl Street, Boulder

Yeah, yeah. They’re not open yet either. Shhh. What I was going to say is that when they do open this August, I’ll finally have a place to go in walking distance to my house where I can grab some good ol’ produce and cheese and milk and meat and whatnot. It’ll be like having a gourmet bodega right by my house. Just think: we’ll be able to live in downtown Boulder without a car!


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