It only took 20 minutes to find last week’s hidden rock for the Boulder Rocks! contest.

Locals Elliot Trout and Erica Congelli immediately knew where to look and the duo found the rock in record time.

Trout and Congelli located the rock near Andrews Arboretum — an area hidden from traffic, located off the bike path near Broadway and Marine Streets.

The pair knew where to look once they read Thursday’s clue, which read: “The dude who hid me made up some new swear words about the thorns that stuck him. Seriously filthy stuff.” The word thorn resonated with the rock finding pair and spurred the hunt.

“Seriously, it only took us 20 minutes to find it,” freelance videographer Trout said. “We read the clue in yesterday’s paper at breakfast and just went and got it. It was a pretty quick process.”

“When I saw thorns, I thought roses,” Congelli added. “We checked out the bike path by Marine and Broadway where the Arboretum is. We found the rock underneath some rose bushes that were 10 feet from the sign that said Arboretum.”

Trout was so excited by the find that he immediately went out and purchased a new pair of shoes.

However, Trout and Congelli plan to use the bulk of the $500 prize to upgrade their visit to Fort Collins’ upcoming reggae festival at Mishawaka Amphitheater.

“We’re going to step things up a notch when we go,” Trout said. “Now we can get a nice cabin to stay in and VIP tickets.”

“This is going to be fun money,” added Congelli.

Trout and Congelli had an easy time cracking this week’s Boulder Rocks!, but they’re excited about their win.

“We’re stoked and super excited,” Trout said.

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