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When producer Mark Burnett set out to create “Expedition Impossible,” he was looking for teams that were the real deal.

That’s why the ABC reality show picked Colorado’s No Limits team to compete in the world adventure series. The reality show pits diverse teams against each other as they battle terrain, weather — and even some ornery camels.

Now. No Limits is giving the rest of the teams a run for its money. Could this team rack up another Colorado reality show win?

Boulder’s Jeff Evans fronts No Limits, along with blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer and U.S. military officer Ike Isaacson. This team doesn’t know the word “no” when it comes to pushing its endurance.

“I own Mountain Vision, Inc. — it’s a split personality company,” Boulderite Evans said. “We run expeditions and treks all over the world. They’re pretty achievable treks and we cater to all sorts of people.

“For the other half of the company, I do presentations and speaking events all over the world based on my adventures and experiences.”

Evans has also been Wiehenmayer’s personal guide for 20 years, and war veteran Isaacson helps round out the “Expedition Impossible” trio.

“It was one of Eric’s assistants that found out about the casting call for the show,” Evans said. “Eric and I have done adventure races before, but I was hesitant. I’m not into reality TV.

“Once it was confirmed that this was a true race, I said, ‘I’m game on.'”

Weihenmayer sent an email to the casting director and got a reply in 15 minutes.

“I started getting pretty excited about this,” Evans said. “This was a good opportunity to have a really good world-class adventure. I was also a little nervous — Eric and I have a lot to lose, as our careers were already doing well.

“But it was tons of fun and I’ve been getting tons of feedback. It was pretty fun to be part of this.”

Reality TV shows are notorious for leaving out critical scenes. However, Evans said “Expedition Impossible” stayed true to life.

“Obviously they had to leave some things out, but they did a pretty good job,” Evans said. “It was pretty realistic.”

The show’s realistic challenges included scaling massive mountains, forging icy streams, hiking uphill in desert conditions, riding rapids and dealing with some very obnoxious camels.

“The most challenging thing was riding the camels and the horses,” Evans said. “There’s also an episode where Eric’s sliding all over the place in a waterfall.

“We also had a challenging river rafting adventure. I was very nervous — I had to guide Eric through every turn and keep myself upright.”

Evans has traveled the world and had some amazing adventures, but the guide says “Expedition Impossible” ranks in the top things he’s accomplished.

“I am a little bit jaded — I’ve had adventures all over the world,” Evans said. “But this was awesome and would rank in the top three or four things I’ve done.

“Though, I don’t think I’d ever do another reality show again. It’s just not my bag.”

Evans can’t divulge if his team made it to the finals, but if you look at the competition it’s easy to see how far this Colorado outfit could go.

“We’re the feel-good team on the show,” Evans said. “That’s the role we play and we’re into that. I also do a wrap up of every show on my website at”

“Expedition Impossible” airs Thursdays on ABC and the finale runs Aug. 25.