Loud, messy and important: A gig at the CU Environmental Center is a lot more interesting than sitting at a desk.

For many students, a job is a necessity.

Whether it’s your parents forcing you to get a job or just a need for some cash, campus jobs can be a convenient way to get a paycheck and grab some perks at the same time.

If you have to work, getting a position you enjoy or just one that comes with some cool extras can make your job a little more bearable.

Check out the student portal at careerservices.colorado.edu/students for listings.

1 Volunteer Resource Center

Working for the Volunteer Resource Center doesn’t just mean you work for free. Paid positions are also available.

But besides a paycheck, the center can offer some bonuses that can help boost your résumé and your networking. Building relationships with the campus and surrounding community will give you some great contacts. Plus, you’ll get first pick of some excellent resume building volunteer opportunities.

There’s also a discount for employees on alternative break trips. So get your volunteer on and reap the benefits.

2 Program Council

If you enjoy hitting up local concerts or checking out a film in your spare time, Program Council events staff could be the perfect job for you.

Program Council organizes shows like the Welcome Back Concert and movie screenings, and you could get in for free.

Susan Youtz, associate director in the office of financial aid and student employment, said students who work for Program Council often get invited to exclusive concerts on and off campus and moving screenings before they’re released in theaters.

For a few hours of planning, organizing and setting up you could get into some of the best local events of the year and get paid to do it.

3 Environmental Center

Go green and grab a job at the CU Environmental Center.

This looks great on a résumé for those interested in industries with a focus on sustainability — and this is not your typical desk position. You’ll get outside and an opportunity to be more active than a reception-type position answering phones.

Oh, and you’re also saving the planet and stuff, too.

4 Resident Advisor

I only have four words for you: free room and board.

Housing is often one of the priciest parts of college and RAs get it at no cost. That should be enough right there to make you want to do it.

But if it’s not, you also get to live on campus — close to classes and the Hill — after your freshman year without looking like a dork. Bonus!

5 Emergency Medical Technician

Talk about some practical on-the-job experience. Becoming an EMT does require a certification but the perks are almost infinite.

EMTs are at most campus events just in case, which means the hours would be flexible and not likely conflicting with your classes. And you would get into events free.

EMTs get paid better than most student jobs because they’re required to have an EMT license to work.

And, for those of you considering the medical field, this will help you log some experience early on.

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