Quick style tips

Don’t wear too much of one color.

Try out new styles like cardigans instead of hoodies.

Never wear a backpack or bag that looks like it belongs on a 10-year-old.

Layers are your friend, but don’t abuse them.

Just because Crocs are made here doesn’t mean you have to wear them. Ever.

Athletic shoes with jeans is a giant no-no.

Animal prints are great, but not to be used more than once in an outfit.

Don’t take trends too literally.

Get some style ideas



GQ (When they’re not making fun of us Boulderites.)


It’s that time again — time to buckle down, hit the books, and look good doing it.

Since many of you are new to the whole college thing, here’s a little tutorial on how to avoid being “that girl” (or guy) in class when it comes to your ensemble.

So in accordance with trying not to make a worst-dressed list again (Boulder was No. 40 on GQ’s worst-dressed cities list this year), here are the dos and don’ts of dressing for class.


Wear last night’s party clothes to class. Many upperclassmen understand the great feeling of freedom from Mom and Dad, too, or just the laziness of the morning after, but you’ll need to snap out of it. The walk of shame to Ketchum isn’t as appealing when the people around you are practically getting drunk off of your fumes.


Keep a spare change of clothes, body spray and toothbrush in your car, friend’s house, or even a locker at the Rec Center on campus. Whatever works to keep your Jag and Red Bull stench at a minimum. (Even just a spare, unworn hoodie will suffice in this situation.)


Wear pajamas to class, period.


Find alternative, comfortable outfits that you don’t mind throwing on for your 8 a.m. class. Jeans, t-shirts, cardigans, skirts, or pretty much anything is a substitute to this generic, stereotypical, college student style “choice.” A rule we like to use here is that if you wouldn’t go out to a bar, or to the mall in your outfit, don’t wear it in public. And yes, campus is public.


Look like you’re keeping Victoria’s Secret in business with your Pink purchases; or be covered head-to-toe in CU gear. We get it, you go to CU and you’re proud. And the Pink brand is not the next Marc Jacobs, so stop wearing it like it is.


“Everything in moderation” is a great motto to go by when dressing for classes. Don’t wear too much of one label to where it looks like you’re a spokesperson. Mix it up, have fun with your wardrobe. It’s college. Time to experiment.


Ever wear heels to class. Unless you’re giving some sort of presentation that requires you to dress up, you look like a fool that’s trying too hard. (If that sounded harsh, it’s because it was meant to sound harsh.)


Check out your local shoe stores in Boulder to find stylish, comfortable, campus appropriate footwear. There are plenty of stylish shopping havens in the Boulder area we promise. We hate to say it, but even Uggs are something that we approve of rather than seeing you try to strut your stuff in heels in front of the UMC. But Crocs, Danskos, or any other sort of plastic or rubber clog are not allowed.


Look like you spent two hours getting ready for your lecture class in Duane Physics. No one cares if you perfected your mini pouf that day, or if you just learned how to use liquid eyeliner. In short, just don’t overdo it.


Take enough time to feel like you look good, but don’t dress as though you’re going to be cast on the next “Real World.” You’re supposed to be comfortable enough to try to pay attention in class. Remember, passing these courses is key to graduating and finally being done with school forever.


Contribute to the negative fashion stereotype that Boulder has received. Please.


Let’s try to leave the Patagonia, outdoorsy, living in athletic gear style to the 30-somethings and above.

Here’s our final wrap-up:

Don’t do the “last night’s party” look.

Dress comfortably but not like you rolled out of bed.

Don’t try too hard.

Wear appropriate shoes to campus, or beware the judgement.

Finally, pick up a fashion magazine, watch some MTV, or just trust your conscience when you look in the mirror. If Boulder doesn’t make that horrible list of “Worst Dressed” next year, we’ll give out free hugs.

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