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Who: O.A.R.

When: 7 p.m. Red Rocks on Friday, and 9 p.m. Fox Theatre on Saturday

Where: Red Rocks is located in Morrison, and the Fox Theatre is located at 1135 13th St. Boulder

Cost: Tickets for Red Rocks are $39-$43. The Fox show is SOLD OUT

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O.A.R.’s getting ready to release its new record, King on Aug. 2, so the band decided to go for a royal sweep of Colorado venues.

The alternative rock band will play the majestic Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Friday, and head up to Boulder’s Fox Theatre on Saturday. The Fox show is sold out.

O.A.R. stands for Of A Revolution, and the band’s known for stirring the pot and creating new combinations of musical sounds.

The group’s covered alternative pop, reggae, roots and indie rock turf — and now the O.A.R.’s headed into hip-hop and electro sounds!

“We just get inspired by the music and want to keep evolving as a band,” guitarist/vocalist Richard On said. “We also love the fans, touring and performing. Every time we make a record it’s a good snapshot of what’s been going on.”

O.A.R. stepped into a new musical phase for its upcoming release, King.

The band worked with loops and tracks for the first time — exploring beats and samples. O.A.R. was thrilled with the results and chose the debut single “Heaven” to represent the group’s new musical direction.

“This record shows all the musical influences we’ve been leaning towards,” On said. “This is the first time we worked with loops and tracks. There’s also a decent hip-hop influence on this record — we worked with DJ Logic on the track ‘King.’

“We also have loops and sound samples on the new single, ‘Heaven.’ It was interesting for us to blend two worlds of music together. We’ve been doing the rock thing for ten years, so this time around we were more groove-oriented — it’s exciting.”

Now the challenge lies in O.A.R. translating its beat-oriented songs to a concert setting.

“It was a challenge to figure out how to play it live,” On said. “We just decided to make the studio record and then figure how to do it live.

“This is also the first time we have interludes on a record. We always wanted to make a record that had interlude pieces and make it more of a concept record. We had a vision.”

O.A.R. had a concept in mind when it created King, so the band returned to its musical roots for King.

“We put out our first record in high school and it was called The Wanderer,” On said. “It was very story-based and there were a lot of characters with the main one being called the Wanderer.

“On the new record, the Wanderer goes on an adventure then returns home to realize everything he was looking for was there. It’s like our band — we’ve come full circle and we’re back where we started. We’re making music that’s inspired by the early days of our career.”

O.A.R. even went to extreme modes to record King.

Instead of taking up residency in one place, the band visited each member’s hometown. O.A.R. did all the writing and pre-production on familiar turf.

“We pulled inspiration from all these different places,” On said. “Every place was special. We’re delighted with this record. In our eyes, this was the most fun one we’ve ever done.”

King’s ready to hit the streets on Aug. 2, but O.A.R. wanted to bring all the new music to Colorado fans — with two special shows at Red Rocks and the Fox.

“Colorado and Red Rocks have been very good to us,” On said. “We haven’t played Boulder in a very long time, so we added the show on as a flip-side of playing Red Rocks. We thought it would be fun.

“Some of our songs will work better at Red Rocks and some are made for rooms like the Fox. It will be the best of both worlds playing Red Rocks and Boulder. We haven’t played Boulder since the early 2000’s.”