Brad Hogan, owner of Shooters Bar and Grill in Boulder with the iX MiXer anti-hangover drink. Photo by Paul Aiken

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Mile High Iced Tea

lemon wedge

1 part peach vodka

3 parts Citrus iX

1 part sweet tea vodka


Two shots of tequila, one shot of Cointreau, some sweet and sour and a salted rim.

There’s nothing like a margarita, or six, to help you forget about summer classes and work for a night.

But the next morning headaches, nausea and sensitivity to light can make for a long day — an experience Jeff Somers is a little too familiar with.

That’s why Somers joined forces with two college buddies and his wife to create iX MiXer, a fruity flavored, vitamin-infused hangover prevention drink.

“When I changed my drinking habits from Coke to tonic water and club soda I realized I wasn’t feeling as bad the next day,” Somers said. “For a while I thought I was just getting older, and that probably does have something to do with it, but it turns out the mixers were making a difference in how I felt.”

Over 30 bars and liquor stores in the Denver and Boulder areas are selling iX to customers, including Shooters Bar and Grill, Lazy Dog and Boulder Wine and Spirits, Somers said.

An 8.4-oz can costs between $1.59 and $1.79 at a liquor store and varies as a mixer in bars, he said.

The vitamin-infused, lightly carbonated drink comes in both berry and citrus flavors and can be poured into any cocktail. The iX Facebook page has recipes for beer cocktails and mixed drinks.

Brad Hogan, owner of Shooters Bar and Grill in Boulder, said a “short drink” will cost about a dollar more with iX.

“A Vodka cranberry is $4 everyday,” Hogan said. “But for an extra dollar you can feel better.”

Hogan said Shooters has been offering iX for about six months and like any new product, “it takes time to catch on.” The additional cost could turn some customers off, but the benefits are worth the purchase, he said.

Boulder resident Matt Herbst, 30, said he drinks a couple of times per week but he is not interested in spending extra money on iX, even if it does prevent hangover symptoms.

“Water is free,” Herbst said. “Also, hangovers are there to remind us that our bodies have certain limits… so I wouldn’t buy it.”

Boulder’s health-conscious population is already showing interest in the mixer, Hogan said.

The mixer contains several B vitamins, potassium, chromium and has 20 grams of sugar and 21 grams of carbohydrates.

Megan Forbes, a registered dietitian in Boulder, said the chromium, sugar and vitamins can help break down the carbohydrates and improve brain function in some people.

“B6 and even the other Bs can help with a hangover in regard to it clearing the alcohol,” Forbes said. “This is predominately noticed in people who may already be deficient in those nutrients, however alcohol will negate the absorption of those as well so it’s probably worth trying.

Somers said the drink is intended as a mixer but can be used separately for the same effect.

Forbes said the mixer seems like it would be helpful when mixed with alcohol but would not recommend the drink as a vitamin supplement.

“To be honest, it’s not a good way to start the day, it’s just sugar and water mainly,” Forbes said. “It’s not a nutrient gain, but if you’re going to go out and drink anyway and you have the choice between cranberry and vodka and this and vodka, this is better.”

Forbes said water and food before drinks is always a good, natural way to prevent hangover symptoms. And taking a multivitamin before bed and in the morning will also help relieve the aftermath of a night out.

While health and hangover prevention were priorities in the creation of iX, Somers said, but flavor was the driving force.

“We were trying to make something to replace the flavorless, carbonated mixers like club soda,” Somers said. “If they don’t like it they won’t drink it or keep coming back.”

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