If you go

Who: 3OH!3 with Cobraconda

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.



Get ready for a big music week at the Fox. Tonight, 3OH!3 plays a sold out show with Cobraconda, and The Cool Kids headline the club on Tuesday.



Who knew there would be two Foreman brothers playing the Fox tonight?

Sean Foreman co-founded 3OH!3 with bandmate Nathaniel Motte, and the Boulder superstars are ready to play their sold out Fox show.

Opening the party is Cobraconda. The duo features Foreman’s brother Sean and Graham Nation. And yes, this outfit’s opened for 3OH!3 on lots of occasions.

“I was born and raised in Boulder, and Graham was born in Baton Rouge and moved to Fort Collins when he was in high school,” Spencer Foreman said. “We’ve both been living in Boulder and Denver for most of our lives.”

The entire Foreman family is a musical entity to be reckoned with.

“Our parents are very musical people,” Foreman said. “Our dad is a great guitarist and our mom has an insane voice. We also have a younger brother who can tear up a piano and rap.”

Spencer’s tight with his brother Sean and 3OH!3’s helped out Cobraconda’s growing career.

“When we were younger, we fed off each other,” Foreman said. “We still run ideas by one another and love getting the chance to play music together.

“3OH!3 has definitely helped us out. They gave us support on a national tour with them, they help us with Internet exposure and they’re always available to answer a question about whatever.”

Cobraconda consists of Foreman and Nation cranking out a dancey mix of electronic music and rap. The tunes range from instrumentals to remixes.

Oh yeah, this is serious party music.

“Cobraconda has been around for four years, but only been really serious for the last year or so,” Foreman said. “The music is primarily rap with all sorts of beats. Most of them are rooted in electronic music with big drums and a lot of synthesizers.

“We try to have somewhat of a mixtape element for our sets, so people who haven’t heard us can still hear some familiar tunes. We also integrate turntables and electronic controls to manipulate the set in real time.”

Cobraconda’s career is on the rise. The group played a 2011 SXSW showcase and started the Inca House Collective with several Denver bands. Plus, Foreman’s building his DJ career.

“I DJ every Saturday under the name Cool Alone at the Shag Lounge in Denver,” Foreman said. “I occasionally pick up one-off shows, but for the most part I just try to focus on Cobraconda.”

Cobraconda has a special musical treat planned for the Fox.

“We have a whole new set put together for the Fox and we have some crafty things planned out for a stage show,” Foreman said. “I can’t tell you or it will ruin it.”

The Cool Kids

Rappers Chuck “Inglish” Ingersoll and Sir Michael Rocks Reed (aka Mikey Rocks) met via MySpace.

Reed was interested in a beat Ingersoll had produced and they instantly formed an alliance. The duo started recording together and The Cool Kids were born.

Now the alternative hip-hop outfit’s creating its own tunes and collaborating with everyone from Asher Roth to Lil Wayne.

Tuesday, The rappers bring their power-packed show to the Fox.

“We just linked up on MySpace and started making music,” Reed said. “The chemistry was instantaneous and we got together to lay down a couple of tracks.

“I come up with the ideas of what to write and he makes the beats. We pick sounds that remind us of certain images and places, and shape them into what we want. We like to do things about having a good time.”

The Cool Kids have been going strong since 2007 and lots of work has come their way.

“Our songs have ended up in some crazy places,” Reed said. “We’ve had songs on ‘Entourage,’ in the movie ‘Role Models’ and in video games. We’re real big on integrating music into different avenues and media.”

The Cool Kids are also busy promoting their new CD, When Fish Ride Bicycles.

“This is our first real record,” Reed said. “It’s about all the different experiences we been through and how we’ve grown and progressed so much.

“This is the kind of record you put on to enjoy yourself. You can listen to it partying, riding in the car or just hanging out.”

The Cool Kids put a lot of energy into their live shows, so get ready for a major hip-hop blast.

“This show is going to be crazy,” Reed said. “We’re going to go out there and rock. We got a reputation for our live shows and everybody knows we kick it and turn out the jams.”