For most of my 31 years, I’ve been identified by my hair. I was “Melanie, the one with the curly hair” for most of those years, but I began straightening my curlilocks since moving to Colorado about six years ago. Hey, what can I say? The curls don’t love the high altitude.

However, as a gal with, shall we say, challenging, thick, schizophrenic curly hair that is regularly beaten into submission by hair products and styling tools, hair care can get costly. As a frugal (wannabe) fashionista, I also want to look my best on a budget. Because the beauty ads tell me I’m “worth it!” which I totally believe. I just want a haircut that looks like a $1 million — for as little bucks as possible.

Happy Hour Isn’t Just For Boozers: Zing Hair Salon, 1100 Spruce St.,Boulder, has “happy hour” pricing for its array of services — including haircuts for men, women and kids; waxing; and color. I’ve walked away with pretty awesome haircuts at nearly half-price costs. Despite its edgy vibe, the staff was very nice to a mom from the ‘burbs getting her hairs did (thanks, ladies).

Repeat After Me: Websites! Online! Coupons! Get the picture yet? However, if the Groupon fairy hasn’t show up yet with any online coupon deals in your email inbox, check out the salon’s website (or Facebook Page or Twitter account) for a first-time customer coupons or specials. The now-defunct Lather Salon in Boulder had a coupon I used as a new client, I loved it, and I went a few more times even without the coupon.

Guinea Pigs Need Haircuts, Too: I visited Salon Sabiha, 2575 Pearl St., Boulder, regularly because I saw a sign outside the Aveda salon touting a new stylist in house offering haircuts for $20. Huzza! Each haircut afterwards went up incrementally as the new stylist literally cut her teeth cutting hair. (That sounds gross, but youknowwhatimean.)

Pompadours, 1320 Pearl St., Boulder, is currently running a 10 percent off special from two new stylists for first-time clients, with coupon through Aug. 31. Paul Morrison Colours, 2015 15th St., Boulder, also lists on its website “beauty on a budget” pricing for new staff.

You Bettah Work: Be a hair model. Sit there and let the experts try stuff out on your tresses, if you’re daring or indifferent about what’s on top. Pompadours lists on its website they have in-salon advance training and need hair models (who receive a free haircut).

Student and Senior Discounts: You might as well as flaunt your age, however old or young, to score a great deal on a great hairdo. Just ask if the salon offers it before your appointment to ensure you get any promos.

Your Mom!: It’s not always a punch line to a raunchy joke! Your mom probably gave you your first haircut and, who knows — especially for you fellas — maybe she’s up for it again. My cousin, to this day, has his mom cut his hair when he visits, in the kitchen with a towel around his shoulders just like they did when he was a kid.

All together now: Aww! I find this incredibly charming. And of course, just the right price. However, I’m not prepared to let anyone with electric clippers near my noggin. However, if you have a relationship with your mom (or roommate or sibling) you’re willing to risk or you sport a pretty basic haircut that would be hard to mess up, then go forth, my brave frugal fiends. You so crazy.

What’s cooking, good looking? Let me know @melsidwell on Twitter.

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