F or those of us who grew up on the West Coast, there’s an unspoken agreement than in going back home, a visit to In-N-Out is as important as seeing the ol’ folks. Just as unspoken is In-N-Out’s “secret menu” that is so renowned (and, we suppose, not so secret anymore) that even those tourists from outta town know about “animal style” and the notorious “4×4.”

Believe it or not, Boulder has a few spots that have some special items you won’t necessarily find on their menus. So the next time you want to impress your date, make sure to stop into these places and, with a smug grin, order outside the box while trying to keep it in your pants.

1 Super Taco

Illegal Pete’s, 1320 College Ave. (Hill), 1447 Pearl St.

We all know Illegal Pete’s as having some of the best burritos in town, but tacos, too? And what’s more, super tacos? Pete’s cooks up one helluva thing with their soft taco fused by your choice of queso or guac to the inside of a hard taco. It’s something that will make you feel pretty super, too.

Info: illegalpetes.com, 303-444-3055 (Hill), 303-440-3955 (Pearl)

2 Shotino

Amante Coffee, 1035 Walnut St., 4580 Broadway (North Boulder)

Ever kinda want to keep getting drunk, but you’re already falling asleep? Do you get some coffee or do you get some more booze? Why not get… both? At Amante, you can grab yourself a shotino offering up a three-layer pick-me-up including Amaretto, espresso and cream. You sip it down in one go (from the bottom up, using a special straw) and then you go back about your business with a buzz that can’t be beat.

Info: amantecoffee.com, 303-546-9999 (Downtown), 303-448-9999 (North Boulder)

3 Rocky Mountain Oysters

Dark Horse, 2922 Baseline

Dark Horse does have their Rocky Mountain Oysters on the menu, but the description is somewhat deceptive. “Colorado classic cow fries”? What the hell does that mean? They’re actually bull balls (no euphemism) breaded and served up with horseradish. Aside from the most insane cowboy (or girl; you’d be surprised, fellas), you’re probably not going to order the oysters unless you’re fooling a visiting friend. But, that’s what they are, folks. Testicles. And they taste almost as good as they smell.

Info: darkhorsebar.com, 303-442-8162

4 Peanuts

The Walrus, 1911 11th St.

If you’re ever craving a lil late-night grubbing but you can’t afford the evening’s fifth slice of pizza, you can sneakily make your way on over to the Walrus where you’ll find barrels full of satiating peanuts. It’s a great way to end a night or to take out that special someone, promising “drinks and dinner.”

Info: boulderwalrus.com, 303-443-9902

5 Affogato

Laughing Goat, 1709 Pearl St., 1720 Pleasant St. (Norlin Library)

If drinking a shotino isn’t your thing, you can check into the Goat for their affogato. They take bourbon butterscotch ice cream and drench it in espresso (hence the name which translates to “drowned”) for a delicious warm season treat that is sure to keep you going all night long.

Info: thelaughinggoat.com

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