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On August 16, the Boulder City Council put Referendum 2H on the November ballot. 2H supports a Constitutional amendment stating that corporations don’t have Constitutional rights and that money isn’t speech. It is part of a national campaign to decrease the power of large multinational corporations and to restore democracy to our country.

Here are three key reasons to vote yes on 2H:

First, corporations are not human beings and should not have Constitutional rights. They are not even mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. They are human-made entities, and must be under the control of the people.

Before 1886, corporations were regarded as businesses that provided a public service; they could be easily dissolved if they harmed the public interest. Since 1886, corporations have been granted Constitutional rights (referred to as “corporate personhood”) through a succession of decisions by unelected Supreme Court justices. Through these anti-democratic decisions, the Courts have made it possible for corporations to take control of almost every aspect of our society, including our government. This has been very destructive of our democracy and our society.

Second, large corporations use their Supreme Court-granted Constitutional rights to undermine human and environmental well being every day.

Third, for decades now, the Supreme Court has been said that the spending of money at election time equals free speech and cannot be reasonably regulated. As a result, corporations and rich individuals spend billions of dollars on deceptive TV ads in order to determine the outcome of our elections.

By equating money and speech, the Supreme Court has said in effect that powerful corporations and wealthy people are entitled to more free speech than the rest of us. This goes against the spirit of democracy.

We the people have been unable to protect ourselves against the massive onslaught created by the accumulation of wealth and power of large corporations. We must reverse this by passing a Constitutional amendment that gives the power back to the people.

Stand Up for Democracy: Vote yes on 2H!

For more information on this issue, go to To volunteer call 303-444-6981 ext. 2.

Carolyn Bninski is an associate of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.

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