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We love our new roommate. She’s thoughtful, sociable and talkative. Unlike our previous lodger, she doesn’t require batteries to function.

Yes, it should be an exciting new year for us all. And for everyone else in Boulder, too.

Recently, I’ve even shaved my beard down a notch or two. No more looking like the bloated Irishman you see before you in that photo of mine here. Newly cleaned-up, I’m ready to see where the universe takes me.

Especially if it’s to a free lunch.

To inaugurate the latest season of “Boulder at Night,” we thought you might be interested in a few upcoming events that will help you to similarly see the world in a brilliant new light.

Start off by checking out the International Film Series’ first Friday night screening of the year with the award-winning “Nostalgia for the Light.”

What better way to explore and reacquaint yourself with the world we live in than through a film that shows us awe-inspiring sights of our planet from 10,000 feet above sea level?

Filmed by Chile’s Patricio Guzman, “Nostalgia for the Light” is a poetic meditation that delves into where we’ve come from while looking forward to where we’re going.

Might even help you to figure out where the hell you’re going after you finally get that degree of yours.

The 90-minute film screens at Muenzinger Auditorium, is free to film studies students, $6 for CU students with a valid ID and $7 for everyone else. It begins at 9 p.m.

If heading nearly two miles up into the night sky isn’t enough for you, another means for exploration is being offered by Fiske Planetarium through their laser light show extravaganza.

Anyone who’s never made it out to one of Fiske Planetarium’s laser shows has missed out, plain and simple. It’s one thing to go stargazing. Another thing to listen to some groundbreaking music. Putting the two together is the best combination thunk up since John and Paul met George and Ringo.

Speaking of which, this Friday night, you can get into Fiske where you’ll rocket through the ever-changing radiance of outer space while rocking out to the psychedelic stylings of the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Make your way there with a little help from your friends or get in by yourself. Either/or.

Show goes from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and costs $7.

And for those not suffering from Beatlemania, Fiske Planetarium will be presenting their Pink Floyd: Welcome to the Machine laser show directly after “Sgt. Pepper’s.”

This one begins at 10:45 p.m., goes until 11:45 p.m and is $7, as well.

It might be difficult to press the boundaries of outer (and inner) space much further than attending such a presentation. But, wherever you’re going and whatever you’re exploring this Friday night, make sure to stay smart, safe and open-minded.

You never know what you’ll find out there in this new semester filled with opportunity: Maybe even a new version of yourself. Then again, ain’t that what college is all about?

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