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There he is! Mr. Anonymous! And if you read this little story, you'll find out his real name, too.
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There he is! Mr. Anonymous! And if you read this little story, you’ll find out his real name, too.

If you go

Who: Mr. Anonymous with Ivy

When: 10 p.m. Friday

Where: The Shack at Shug’s, 2017 13th St., Boulder

More info: $7; 21+;

If you think that Boulder musician Jeep MacNichol has a unique name, wait’ll you hear his music.

Formerly the drummer of local legends the Samples, MacNichol today goes by the moniker Mr. Anonymous and has taken up with the electronic scene. Mixed with a bit of reggae for good measure, of course.

Along with the two DJs that make up Mr. Anonymous’ live show triad, MacNichol will be bringing his fascinating fusion of organic and electronic sound to the Shack at Shug’s. MacNichol refers to his eclectic sound as “sweaty psychedelic dub raw dance energy” and is particularly excited to be playing at the spot that in previous incarnations was Trinity and the more recent b. side Lounge.

Comparing the space nestled in the back corner of Shug’s to famed New York City punk haven CBGB’s, MacNichol feels this show will be one in which he can more directly connect with his fans. Such an attempt at a one-on-one relationship with his fans is also the impetus for his releasing all of his music for free.

“For me as a musician, the most important lifeline to my creativity is having an outlet to share the experience of what I do, of who I am,” said MacNichol, whose Mr. Anonymous project has put out two full-length albums since 2006 and released a live EP last Friday.

“Having a smaller ‘club’ experience in the Shug’s room is the exact prescription for my vision of the live Mr. Anonymous experience.”

MacNichol is equally enthused about his forthcoming third full-length, which will be dropping this December.

“The sound (of the new album) is very cutting edge for me, very analogue like the Clash or jazz meeting the Police,” MacNichol said. “It’s very drum-focused and is in a very aggressive style, but still kinda part of the dub genre.”

MacNichol added that he was greatly inspired by the work and ethos of Ft. Collins’ Pretty Lights, another act that combines organic sounds with the electronic and releases its music for free.

“I really don’t feel that price has anything to do with how good an album is,” MacNichol said. “(Offering music for free) is just a different way to get the music out there.

“Making music for free is the best way to get people to my shows,” MacNichol said.

Referring to his previous years in the music industry as having allowed him to see that releasing music is “more of a promo for the artist,” MacNichol related the idea of his albums to a kind of calling card for his group whose main goal is its live performances.

“Live shows are much rawer, are a much more upbeat version of what we do,” MacNichol said. “In a weird way, I have a real relationship with my fans. I’m my own record label. I’m a self-sufficient organization. There’s nothing between what I create and what my fans will get.”

In being so all-encompassing anent the music experience he creates, MacNichol works closely with those involved in the creation of his music videos and album artwork, as well.

For the artwork on all of his albums, MacNichol works with local artist Matthew Doubek, the creator of the regionally ubiquitous Mr. Anonymous logo — a cartoonish egghead character whose blank eyes are obscured by white-opaque spectacles.

“I didn’t want (the logo) to look like anyone,” Doubek said. “Just an egghead guy. And Jeep wears glasses, so I gave it glasses. Jeep likes my naive, loose drawing style I’ve come up with and we’re both big fans of music and collecting music, so it’s been easy to work together.

“I like how he’s still remaining old school but brings in a newer vibe,” Doubek said.

“Jeep’s Mr. Anonymous shows are really exciting,” said Kyle Rothermel, booking agent for the Shack.

“I really like the way he mixes live and electronic sounds into his unique take on dancehall and DJ culture. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like a Mr. Anonymous show and am really thrilled to have him playing in our venue,” Rothermel said.

“Most of all, our audience is going to get to see a thoroughly top-notch show and will undoubtedly dance their asses off all night. Jeep is going to blow it up and we can’t wait for it!”

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