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E xcuse me, but do you have tickets to this gun show?

(Now is when you kiss your biceps for a little extra ka-pow.)

The first competition in The Spot’s seventh bouldering series, the Gun Show , happens this Saturday.

(Kiss biceps again now. No tongue, please. That would be excessive.)

Thus begins the season of comps at The Spot. They are usually highly entertaining, even if you’re not competing.

Beyond the bouldering competition, the Gun Show will also have a dunking booth to raise bucks for their youth teams (yay!) and a pull-up contest. The Spot’s Andrew Clinkingbeard says he can’t remember for sure, but he thinks the male winner did thirtysomething last year, and the female winner did 19.

I’m hoping that my pal Cheryl, who is a pull-up crushing machine, will clean her guns, do some other stuff she can make up gun-arms metaphors for, and get over to the show. I bet she can do as many as the dudes.

I can probably do like three pull-ups right now. My gun show is more like a BB gun show — the kind you’d let a 7-year-old brandish in the backyard.

Info: Saturday; adult comp from 5 to 8 p.m., pull-up contest and finals follow.

No Propz for ‘Cross

This weekend’s Cross Propz Cross race at Roger’s Grove, in Longmont, was cancelled.

The American Cycling Association website posted a notice about the cancellation on Sept. 17 that says:

“Cross Propz Racing was notified today by the City of Longmont that, although it had previously given them approval for their cross race at Roger Grove Park in Longmont, the city would no longer permit their event. Given the situation, they have no other option at this point but to cancel our race. Cross Propz apologizes for the inconvenience this will surely cause the racing community.”

WTF? Why? Do they not like words that end in “z” but should end in “s?” Like propz and skillz? Or do they dislike “buzz” and “fuzz” too?

(P.S., clean the fuzz outta your belly button. Fall cleaning, time to make room for new sweater fuzz.)

Fortunately, this weekend is extra ‘crossy. The second race in the Boulder Cyclocross Series happens Sunday at Xilinx, so there’s still ‘cross this weekend in BoCo.


O beautiful

Saturday is National Public Lands Day, and there are quite a few ways you can volunteer to help take care of our public lands right here in Boulder County.

There’s a cleanup at the Valmont Bike Park and at Scott Carpenter Park. You can collect native plant seeds on open space. You can do watershed restoration in Lefthand Canyon.

Or you can be totally lazy and not help, but just go to Rocky Mountain National Park for free.

Which would be fuzzier?


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