It’s family weekend on campus, so instead of suggesting venues and events that are straight-up romantic, this week the goal is to give you ideas to underscore your role as a well-rounded catch. Whether or not you’re toting her out-of-town family, you want to come off as someone who has more than a one-track mind, don’t you? You’re interested in entertaining your date and engaging in your community, right? Ahem… our eyes, and brains, are up here, gentlemen.

In fact, this weekend you have no excuse for disrespecting your date by shamelessly ogling her assets, because the hottest thing happening in Boulder this weekend provides plenty of eye candy that you’re supposed to ogle. This Friday, take your date to The New Grid ($20-100; 7 p.m.; Boulder Theater), a fashion-show-cum-dance-party fundraiser for New Era Colorado, an organization dedicated to empowering young voters. During the 70-minute show, models from all over Colorado will strut their stuff with runway routines set to a music mix ranging from hip-hop to tango — fully outfitted or scantily clad in clothing with a sustainable story such as Topo Ranch organic tees and recycled-synthetic separates from Autumn Teneyl. “The choreography and music evoke a lot of emotion, and the stage and the dance floor will be full of energy,” says show producer Abbey Smith. “This is a first-of-its-kind event in Boulder, and it’ll be really hot.”

Aside from the sexy models, mood lighting, and electronic beats by DJ Lance Herbstrong that are sure to put your date in a good mood, showing her that you’re invested in renewable energy will add to your sex appeal. The fundraising event is aimed to raise support for measures 2B and 2C — a couple of hotly-contested energy initiatives on the November 1 ballot (read more at But, even if that particular political issue doesn’t turn you (or your date) on, the thumping, techno after party probably will. If you still feel like grinding after the theater shuts down, the party continues with free bus rides to the Southern Sun (627 South Broadway St.) for a Studio 54-themed party that will be raging until 2 a.m.

Go big: Before the show, preview the Pearl Street trend parade from a seat at Happa’s patio (1117 Pearl St.). The clientele is as close as Boulder gets to runway-ready, and sitting at an outside table is like having a front-row seat at Fashion Week. Order in line with the night’s sustainability theme — avoid overfished Toro (bluefin tuna), and opt for shiro magouro (albacore) or katsuo (skipjack) instead.

Go home: Don’t want to drop $40 for a pair of tickets, but still want a taste of couture? Drop by the Boulder Public Library on Friday night for the kickoff reception for Open Stuidos Annual Fall Tour (1001 Arapahoe Avenue, 6-8 p.m., The free party showcases one masterpiece from each of the 126 local artists who are opening their workrooms to the public for the weekend. If you’re feeling generous, drop $10 on a map of the tour’s participating studios and you’ll have inspiration for an entire weekend’s worth of funky studio tours where you can take your date — that is, if she’s still talking to you on Saturday morning.

Kristy Holland writes about date-night ideas once a week for the Colorado Daily.

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