T his week, the University of Colorado is hosting Buff Essentials Week, introducing freshmen to the academic and social resources offered on campus.

The week is filled with sessions hosted by CU faculty, staff and students who give advice to freshmen about how to pick a major, note taking, coping with a roommate and getting involved with student groups.

The sessions are open to all CU students, but cater specifically to new students who may need help finding tools to help enhance their college experience. For information about sessions visit

Here are five things that freshmen are learning this week that you may not know.

1. Majors are limitless

Most students spend their first or second year focused on what to choose for a major. It’s a decision that will impact the entire college experience and future career plans. But for those students who can’t decide, choose multiple majors. Though with every major comes more required credits, but students can choose numerous majors. However, this could mean a longer college career.

2. The dorms may be worth an extra year

While most leases hold all tenants responsible for the full rent amount, the residence halls separate payments — meaning students won’t get stuck with a roommate’s unpaid bills. Besides not worrying about getting stuck with extra expenses, the dorms have a few perks that might just be worth an extra year or two. Living among hundreds of peers is a great way to meet new people and find out about events on campus. Plus, the location can’t be beat and the second time around, return students get first dibs on the best rooms.

3. Faculty loves flattery

Dave Sherwood, associate chair and professor of Integrative Physiology, said students should try a little flattery when it comes to faculty. It’s as simple as finding research or creative or published work by a teacher. It’s a great way to get some memorable face-time with teachers and find out more about a particular field of study. A positive first impression or a reference to boost the resume never hurts.

4. Savory savings

Food is one of the best ways to crunch pennies on a college budget. Students can find local food savings at Or, check out, which hosts an Eat Cheap Week. Even Coldstone Creamery offers buy-one-get-one-free night.

5. Sessions are required

We don’t want you to feel too bad about not knowing everything, so here’s something you probably know that freshmen might not: CU requires freshmen to attend at least two sessions. If you haven’t made it to any sessions yet, you better track one down ASAP or you won’t be able to enroll for the spring. It’s bad enough that freshmen are the last to enroll, but then you get stuck at the bottom of the barrel because you didn’t sit through two 50-minute sessions. Bummer.

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