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N ow that you’re back from the loooong journey to Wolf Creek this weekend to sample the first freshness of fall, you’re hanging out in the gutters of Bummerville.

In case you missed it: Wolf Creek Ski Area opened over the weekend with 44 inches of sweet pow.

But the real start to the season — those annual battles between Loveland and Arapahoe Basin to open first (this year, denied by Wolf Creek), that timing game in which you try to figure out how to get the first chair of the season at Breck — hasn’t happened yet.

Don’t stay in Bummerville, staring at the garbage you collected on DVR and drooling into your Doritos until Breck opens, though. Try one of these ways to kill time until the season starts for real:

1. Go out

You’re young and looking for love. Or lurv, that sweeter, stickier, more disgusting version of love that your friends Eddy and Emily engage in, which has alienated most of their friends. The latest: “Oh, my Edd-eee-bear bought me this teddy bear! You know what I named him?”

Um. Awky.

You named him STFU?

Maybe don’t look for lurv. But if you look for love or lurv, do so now, while you have time to dedicate to something other than snowboarding.

Note: Try to meet a snowboarder so you don’t have to break up in two months, when your obsession takes on new levels of ferocity, Eddy-bear.

2. Study

If you are a student, check every syllabus. Paper due right after Thanksgiving? Yeah, you’ll be busy skiing Vail then, so get that done now.

Yes, this sounds like crazy talk. But shoveling a ramp of snow in the dead of night so you could do a flip over your friend’s Airstream was crazy, too, and you didn’t think twice about that one.

3. Train

If you can’t focus on anything other than skiing or snowboarding, then focus hard on your skiing or snowboarding by training.

Boulder is full of ski-conditioning classes at this time of the year. But if you’re a student, it might be most convenient to head to the Rec Center for the Sports Conditioning Class, which sounds generic but will give you a season-appropriate ass kicking.

4. Visualize

This year, you’ve decided it’s the year to try your signature new trick. You haven’t settled on a name for it yet, but you’re thinking about calling it the McSteezy Sik-Flip.

It’s just a working name.

Sports psychologists say that even just 10 minutes a day of visualization can enhance your performance in sports. So visualize the McSteezy Sik-Flip every chance you get. Especially during calculus. Like you know what the hell they’re talking about in that class, anyway.

5. Chill

It’s not the season yet. You’re psyched, but you’re ahead of yourself. Live in the moment, young snow-bro Buddha. Ride your bike in shorts, slackline, play Frisbee in the sun, that kind of stuff.

But don’t visualize the McSteezy while you’re playing Frisbee. You’ll get smacked in the head, and Emily and Eddy-bear will have to take care of you.