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Brendan Moran is this week's Boulder Rocks! winner.
Brendan Moran is this week’s Boulder Rocks! winner.

Four days into week one of Colorado Daily’s Boulder Rocks!, the rock has been found. And unless you’re Brendan Moran, that’s probably a bit of a bummer.

But for Moran, it’s a pretty good day. This time around the rock was hiding in North Boulder’s Lover’s Hill Park, near Bluff Street on Mesa Drive. Moran, who does website maintenance for the University of Colorado, found the rock Thursday on his lunch break. He’d been monitoring the clues all week, and after reading today’s, it all clicked.

“It said ‘I love this place,’ so that kind of gave it away,” he said. “I had a vague idea of where it might be, but today is what made it specific enough to go out and look for it.”

Lover’s Hill is  a romantic little spot with views of the Flatirons and Bear’s Peak, and as Monday’s first clue pointed out, a good place to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. It’s also a great spot to watch the sunset — as a Frederick Law Olmsted quote reads at the park: “The view, especially toward sunset time, is one that cannot be match in many thousand miles of traveling.”

Moran, 39, said he had looked for the rock for the last few times Boulder Rocks! was held.

“I’ve been doing it for a while,” he said. “Oh gosh — When did you start this? — I think at least all year last year.”

Now, of course, the big question is what he’ll do with the $500 prize money. 

“Probably pay some bills and take my wife out to dinner,” he said. “Someplace kinda nice.”

There are four more weeks of Boulder Rocks! remaining.