At 7:29 p.m. on Halloween, University of Colorado senior Liz Allen sat at the desk in her apartment starting at her laptop focused on the clock in the upper right-hand corner. 
Allen completes her costume as one of the senior girls in the 1993 movie “Dazed and Confused” by pulling up her white tube socks and tying the laces on her tennis shoes as the clock strikes 7:30 p.m.
Instead of joining her three friends to complete the movie scene, Allen opens her MyCUinfo page and begins registering for spring classes. 
“My window opened at 7:30 and I couldn’t go out until I figured out my spring schedule,” Allen said. “It was my last Halloween because it’s senior year and I didn’t go out until about 9:30 that night and I’m still working on it,” she said Tuesday afternoon.
Spring registration opened up to the first group of students — mainly fifth-year seniors or higher — Thursday and will continue for through Nov. 18, when the window will open for the last freshmen, said Peter Freitag, associate director of advising for the College of Arts and Sciences. 
CU opens online registration for students based on the number of credits they’ve recieved, giving an advantage to upperclassmen during the competitive process, Freitag said. 
“Many first-year students may be able to get into the lecture they want because there are more spots, but may have to take smaller classes early Monday morning or late Friday afternoon, because other students have chosen the prime times,” Freitag said. “The earlier you register the more opportunities you have for classes to be open or to get the professors or the time you want.”
Allen said with only one semester and 19 credits to go before graduating in May, waiting until Tuesday morning to register was not an option. 
“It’s hard enough to fit 19 credits into a schedule but then I also work so I have to get all my classes in before 2,” Allen said. “Plus, it’s my last semester so I want to get good times instead of taking all (8 a.m. classes) like I did this semester.”
CU senior Lynnette Schweimler skipped Halloween plans completely to register for her classes Monday night. 
“I actually just ended up staying in,” Schweimler said. “With Halloween being on a Monday too, it just seemed super inconvenient to do anything.”
Schweimler sped up her registration process by using the “shopping cart” function to prepare a schedule before her registration window opened and only had to verify the information Monday night. 
Freitag said the function is a great way for students to prepare a schedule early or just to practice using the system in order to speed up the process of actual registration. 
Freitag said students, especially freshmen and sophomores, should use caution when taking advantage of the pre-registration function. 
“While the classes may be open today when you put them in your shopping cart, if you’re not registering until two weeks from now, the likelihood you’ll get exactly those sections is probably much less as spots fill up,” Freitag said. “You run the risk of not getting into your shopping cart classes… you should make sure you have backups.”
Freitag said students should also try to visit with an adviser before registering for classes, though this is a busy time of year for advisers and appointments may be difficult to get now. He said students should not put off registration until they speak to an adviser because of their busy schedules this time of year. He recommends making adjustments to your schedule after speaking with an adviser rather than waiting to get a meeting because the classes you need could be full by then. 
While some seniors are unhappy with the timing of their registration window, CU sophomore Michael Hutsell said he would happily give up his Halloween night to be able to register early. 
“It’s really important to register as soon as you can,” Hutsell said. “I’d definitely give up some plans to get a better registration date.”
Hutsell’s registration window doesn’t open until mid-November, he said. 
For more information about your registration time visit MyCUinfo.