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A still from "All.I.Can."
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A still from “All.I.Can.”

Adventure. It’s one of the reasons you live in Boulder. It’s one of the characteristics you look for in a partner. It’s a lifestyle, an aspiration, and — this weekend in Boulder — it’s a film festival, too.

The $15 tickets (full weekend passes are $50) to this weekend’s Adventure Film Festival are the hottest thing in town. If you’ve got a steaming date lined up: stop reading, go to right now, and buy a pair.

The show’s producer, Sara Close, summed up the reason the three-day event is perfect for inspiring romance: “Adventure Film is all about feeling the rush of passion, gripping on to the edge of your seat, and finding inspiration in the images in front of your eyes, in the community around you, and in the person next to you,” she says.

The lineup? A truly inspiring collection of 40 of the best adventure films ever made including sweeping, romantic ski cinematography courtesy of Friday’s feature-length All.I.Can; a poetic, six-minute ode to surfing called Dark Side of the Lens; and a nostalgic, sepia-toned playback of a hot skinny-dipping day dubbed Summer Snapshot.

And, no matter when you’ve planned your date, there’s almost certainly a timeframe you can catch an epic segment of the festival, because the films roll all weekend. It starts with a community party at the Patagonia store tonight (7-10 p.m.; 1212 Pearl St.), continues with a Friday evening program at the Boulder Theater (5-10:30 p.m.; 2042 14th St.), and finishes Saturday with a full-schedule of films split between the Boulder Theater and REI (1789 28th St.) and culminating in a live-art mashup of music, narration, and film performed by the festival’s resident artist, Jeremy Collins.

Whether it’s a collection of shorts or the live finale (don’t forget the blowout after-party), Close says, it’ll be a sure-fire shortcut to romance. “When the lights come on after the films,” she says, “You and your date will have become a different entity, a collective.” Hopefully you’ll be an even more inspired pair.

Go Big:

Adventurers are truly impressive for their ability to motivate, even after — or because of — a couple of beers. So, what better way to warm up for an evening of high-adrenaline films than with an afternoon of beer-drinking fun? Head to the Fox for the second annual Boulder Brew and Music Festival on Saturday (1-5 p.m.; 1135 13th St.). The headlining band, a bluegrass-y string quartet called Chain Station , will be playing for the event’s second half and even if you stay until they’re rolling out the standup bass, there’s plenty of time to wander toward Boulder Theater for the rest of the night.

Go Home:

Adventure doesn’t have to involve any ticket sales whatsoever. Snow is beginning to build up — but not yet completely cover — the Front Range, which makes local attractions just about picture perfect. Start a Saturday date by swinging through the Farmer’s Market (8 a.m.-4 p.m.; 13th St. between Canyon Blvd. and Arapahoe Ave.), which is only open for a few more weeks. Buy a farm-fresh sampling of snacks and then invite her for a picnic at one of two nearby, yet oft-forgotten local landmarks: the east-side overlook from the Bettaso Preserve hiking loop, or at the settees around Boulder Falls.

Kristy Holland writes about date-night ideas once a week for the Colorado Daily. Tell her about your date ideas at

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