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So this happened: “A Boulder police officer has been arrested by federal authorities, accused of stealing and selling Army-issued assault rifle silencers while serving as a staff sergeant with the National Guard in Fort Lupton.”

And a 19-year-old man plead guilty to trying to help his old man break out of Boulder County Jail with a bobby pin.

CU alumnae are proving that sports journalism isn’t just a man’s world — but that it’s not exactly the easiest path for women right now, either:

“[Root Sports broadcaster Alana] Rizzo said that women face a double standard when it comes to their appearance and how they build contacts. She said that male journalists might get away with going to a bar with an athlete after a game, but there would be different consequences for women.”

It’s been a little more than a year since Boulder was named one of the most educated cities in the nation, but I’m guessing a lot of you brainiacs are still out there, sippin’ chai, climbing things, solving problems. So here’s the silliest nerd story I’ve seen in a long time: There was a contest titled “Dance Your Ph.D.” The winners were announced. Here’s their video.

And finally, here’s a slightly unsettling video for “Keep Time” by Denver rockers Gauntlet Hair.

–Dave Burdick

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